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FIFTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 787. 1900. 553 GHAP. 787.-An Act To authorize the city of Tucson, Arizona, to i sue bondsfor J¤¤¢ 6.1900. waterworks, and for other purposes. **‘__" YVhereas the ma(yor and common council of the city of Tucson ',£§€°§_g*,;{;¤*· Arizona, acting un er the authority) of the Act of Congress entitled V0l·30,p.é52. "An Act to amend an Act to tprohr it the passage of local or special laws in the Territories to limi Territorial indebtedness, and so forth," approved March fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, caused an e ection to be held in the city of Tucson on the fifth day of May, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, on the question of issuance of onehundred thousand dollars fifty-year five per centum interest-bearin bonds of the said city of Tucson for the construction of a water and sewerage system in the said city, and notice of said election was duly givenas prescribed in the said Act of Conlgress, and at said election more than two-thirds of the voters qualiiie , as in the said Act of Congress prescribed, voted for the issuance of said bonds; and Whereas afterwards the said city of Tucson appointed a water and sewerage commission to investigate the question of water sup ly and waterworks for said city, andbthe said commission recommended to the said mayor and common council the purchase of the existing water plant instead of the construction of a wholly new plant for sa1d city, and the mayor and common council thereupon and after consideration voted to purchase such existing water plant and to issue the said one hundred thousand dollars of bonds for that purpose: Now, therefore Be it enacted by the Senate andE`0asl;$fRepresentatv}ves of the United — States of America 27a Cbngress assemb , That the mayor and common th§;,*;gd¤{0b¤$§h¤¤- council of the city of Tucson, Arizona, be, and they are hereby, author- existing wat; plaxilig ized, upon the passage of an ordinance or resolution to that effect, to issue one hundred thousand dollars fifty-year ive per centum interestbearing bonds of said city for the purchase for sa1d city of the existing water plant which supplies the said city and its inhabitants with water. Sand bonds may e made payable in gold coin of the United States of America of the present standard weight and fineness. Said `F°'¤*·°*°··°* '>¤¤¤¤_ bonds shall be in such form and denominations, and payable at such time and place, and interest thereon shall be payable annually or semiannually, as the mayor and common council of said city sha provide in said ordinance or resolution. Said bonds shall be signed by the mayor, have the corporate seal of the city aiiixed, atteste by the city recorder, and the coupons may bear the engraved or lithographed signatures of the mayor and recorder, or be si ned by them in person. . The purchaser of the_said bonds shall not be hound to see to the aplgli- m¥:;g¤v*$¤:¢¤gg;§g)g¤;·} cation of the purchase money. The said one hundred thousand do rs pureasseihney. " of bonds may be issued in whole or in part payment for said existing water plant, and the city may, in add1tion to such bonds, assume as part 0 the purchase money of any water plant so gurchased any mortgage existing thereon, not exceeding in amount the sum of ten thousand dollars, and may provide for the palyment of the same by ex§;¤,{g*;¤;$a[;{,w¥ the issue of like bonds of the city, or in suc other manner as the ` ma or and common council shall_by ordinance or resolution determine. Sino. 2. That the mayor and common council of said city of Tucson mg;§t°j,fg§,}gs?¤Y are hereby required and directed to levy and collect, in addition to all other taxes in said city, an ad `valorem tax upon all the taxable prpgierty in said cit sumcient to pay the interest on the said bonds as e same becomes due, and also at or before the time when the principal of the said bonds becomes due, a further ad valorem tax upon all the taxable property in said cit sufficient to the same or to provide for the payment thereof. Syuch taxes sha e levied and collected at the same t1me and in the same manner as other taxes upon the propeity in said city. But the city may use and apply the net revenues of the ;“$;§jr’;j;,{§V°¤“°” water plant to pay interest on the bonds issued under this Act, and to the extent that such revenues are actually so used and apphed may