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368 Furry-smvnurn couoimss. sms. 1. cH. 1079. 1902. commission to be called the Missouri River Commission, and plrescribes the manner of appointment, the compensation, the powers, the duties, the expenditures, and the reports thereof. be, and the same is hereby, E¤¤¤¤· repealed, said repeal to take effect from and after June thirtieth, ,R¤P<>¤ 0* €<>¤¤¤i¢+ nineteen hundred and two. And said Commission shall prepare and mu` submit through the Chief of Engineers to the Secretary of War, to be by him transmitted to Congress, a full and detailed report of all their proceedings and actions since the dateof their last report, and of all such plans and systems of work as may now be devised and in progress and carried out by them, and of all such additional plans and systems of works as may be devised and matured by them, with full and detailed estimates of the cost thereof, and statements of all expenditures made '1`¤¤¤¤f¤r ¤f ve¤¤¤1¤. by them, and shall on said thirtieth day of June, nineteen hundred and °°°` two, transfer to and place under the control of the Secretary of War, or such engineer officers as he may designate, all such vessels, barges, ‘ machinery, and instruments, and such other plant or property as pertains to the improvement of the Missouri River at and below Sioux City, or of the Gasconade and Osage rivers, in the State of Missouri. And the Secretary of War shall, after said thirtieth day of June, nineteen hundred and two, superintend and control all property theretofore under the control of said Commission, and all works theretofore under their supervision, and shall expend for the purposes for which they were appropriated all appropriations made herein, and all unexpended balances of appropriations heretofore made for the improvement of said rivers, which shall remain on hand on the said thirtieth day of June, nineteen hundred and two, and all appropriations which may hereafter be made for said rivers, or so much thereof as may be necessary. easccmae River, Improving Gasconade River, Missouri: Continuing improvement M°‘ and for maintenance, ten thousand dollars. omge asm, Mc. Improving Osage River, Missouri: Continuing improvement and for maintenance, thirty thousand dollars, of which amount so much thereof as may be necessary shall be used for the completion of Lock and Dam Numbered One. samzrmumnim, Saint Francis River, Missouri: For improvement of said river from ”°‘ Sunk Lands to Poplin, Missouri, according to the report printed on page two thousand of the Report of the Chief of Engineers for eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, ten thousand dollars. p,,,m,,,,C,,,,,k,,,d Improving Petaluma Creek and Napa River, California: Continuing _ N*’¥‘“ ““‘"· °°*· improvement and for maintenance, six thousand dollars. Redyvfjgd awk, mproving Redwood Creek, California: Completing improvement in (`“’ accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Eighty-seven, I·`ifty-fourth Congress, second session, eight thousand four hundred dollars. Slgévpvcgnrwr and Alviso Harbor and Slough, California: The unexpended balance g' remaining from the appropriations heretofore made for this project may be expended for the extension and further improvement of the channel heretofore made. smcumn and nm- For the rectification of the Stockton and Mormon channels at and mm °h°"°°l”‘ CM' near the city of Stockton, California. by the construction of a canal to €¤¤¤r divert the waters of the Mormon Channel into Calaveras River, in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered _ One hundred and fifty-two, F ifty-fifth Congress, third session, iiftv §§Q§“,.§Q’,,_ thousand dollars: ]’r0z·ieZeel, That acontract or contracts may be entered into by the Secretary of War for such n1aterials and work as may be necessary to complete said project, not to exceed in the aggregate one hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars exclusive of the amounts m¤'¤*°f“'¤Y- herein and heretofore appropriated: Proridecl _/izrther. That the city of Stockton or the State of (,alifornia shall lirst furnish to the United States the right of way for said canal.