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FIFTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CII. 17. 1902. 19 linger the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, two thousand o ars. To pay accounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treas- Stationery. ury on account of the appropriation "Stationery, Department of the lnterior,” for the iiscal year nineteen hundred and one, five hundred and seventy-two dollars and nineteen cents. To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury connngeueexpenses. on account of the appropriation “Contingent expenses, De artment of the Interior," for the fiscal year nineteen hundred, thirty-three dollars and ninety-one cents. _ PRESERVATION or CENSUS n1·:conDs: To pay the United States Elec- ,..},)§f§§T"‘"g °°“S“s tric Lighting Company for the use of electric current in Marini Hall, Li8l“i¤g· E between Ninth and Tenth streets northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, where the records of the Eleventh and prior censuses are preserved and stored, from May thirty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and one, one hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-two cents. PENSION Orman BUILDING: For the completion of the work of con- §gQ,§}Qg¤Q"'Qg°Bu,,d_ structinig a coal bin for the storage of coal and the building of an area- insway an sewer from the west entrance of the Pension Office building an extending along the south side thereof to the eastern entrance, two thousand five hundred dollars. ELEVATORS, INTERIOR DEPARTMENT BUILDING: That the unexpended E’°"“°‘“· balance of the appro riation of seven thousand three hundred and fifty dollars provided in the sundry civil Act of June sixth, nineteen hun- vox. 31, p. 612. dred, for the construction and equipment of an elevator in the west wing of the Interior Department building shall be made immediately avai able in the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred andtwo, for the construction of a landing and balcony on the third iloor of said building, as an entrance to the west-wing elevator, and for chan ing the other elevators in the buildings of the Department of the Exterior from the hydraulic to the electric system, and for the equipment of the same. REINDEER ron A1;AsKA: To reimburse E. P. Bertholf, lieutenant, §f*§§“’,§g{t§j’g;}‘°S*°- _ United States Revenue-Cutter Service, for actual traveling and sub- Reiuiburscmehr. sistence expenses incurred by him between December eight , nineteen hundred, and January second, nineteen hundred and one, in coming from Seattle, Washington, to Washington, District of Columbia, to consult with the Commissioner of Education regarding the purchase of reindeer in Siberia for introduction into Alaska, said expenses having been incurred b * him prior to the receipt of official orders from the Secretary of the Treasury detailing him for duty with the Department of the Interior, and disallowed by the accounting officers of the Treasury, being for the service of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and one, one hundred and thirty-five dollars and eighty-seven cents. PAYMENT TO E. P. BaRTHoLr: To remunexate E. P. Bertholf, lieu- E¤P°¤** tenant, United States Revenue—Cutter Service, acting as special agent of the Bureau of Education for the securing of reindeer in Siberia for Alaska, on account of extraordinary expenses incurred by him in Siberia, six hundred dollars. _ _ COLUMBIA 1NsTrrUT1oN ron DEAF AND DUMB: For su port of the ;§’}’l§'§',‘}’Q‘§,{j“f)'{,',§’,§§Y" institution, in addition to the amount appropriated for this object in the sundry civil appropriation Act approved March third, nineteen v¤1.s1,p. us;. hundred and one, said additional expense having been made necessary by the increase in the number of beneficiaries authorized by Act Vol.31,p.6Z0. gflpongress approved June sixth, nineteen hundred, two thousand o ars. Fon THE CAPITOL! For work at Capitol, and for general re irs C°P*'P‘~ thereof, including wages of mechanics and laborers, twenty-one tlhaou- Rm""` sand three hundred and forty-tive dollars and seventy-five cents.