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18 FIFTY—SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 17. 1902. the Government, and where there are not suiiieient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them; for hire of quarters for enlisted men employed as clerks and messengers in the offices of the commandant, adjutant and inspector, paymaster, and quartermaster, and the offices of the assistant adjutant and inspector, the assistant paymaster, and the assistant quartermasters, at twenty-one dollars each per month, and for enlisted men employed as messengers in said offices, at ten dollars each per month, three thousand eight hundred dollars. Beninof bnrnwm Repairs and improvements to barracks and quarters at Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Boston, Massachusetts; Newport, Rhode Island; New York, New York; League Island, Pennsylvania; Annapolis, Maryland; headquarters and navyiyard, District of Columbia; Norfolk, Virginia; Port Royal, South arolina; Pensacola, Florida; Dry Tortugas, Florida; Mare Island, California; Bremerton, Washington, and Sitka, Alaska; for the renting, leasing, im rovement, and erection of buildin s in Porto Rico, the Philippine lglands, at Guam, and at such other places as the public exigencies require, and for per diem to enlisted men employed under the direction of the Quartermaster’s De rtment on the repair of barracks, quarters, and other public . buildin , five thousand dollars. ’ cxmungem. Forfseight, tolls, cartage, advertising, washing of bedsacks, mat- ~ tress covers, pillowcases, towels, and sheets, funeral expenses of marines, stationery and other papers, telegraphing, rent of telephones, urchase and repair of typewriters, apprehension of stra glers and deserters, per diem of enlisted men employed on constant Iabor for a period of not less than ten days, employment of civilian labor, repair of gas and water fixtures, office and barracks furniture, camp and gar- ` rison e uipage and implements, mess utensils for enlisted men, such as bowls, plates, spoons, knives and forks, tin cups, ns, and pots, and so forth; packing boxes, wrapping paper, oilclog crash, rope, twine, quarantine fees, camphor and carbolized paper, carpenters’ tools, tools for police purposes, iron safes, urchase and repair of public wagons, purchase and repair of public harness, purchase of public horses, services of veterinary surgeons and medicines for public horses, purchase and replair of hose, purchase and repair of fire extinguishers, purchase of fire and grenades, purchase and repair of carts, wheelarrows, and lawn mowers, purchase and repair of cooking stoves, ranges, stoves, and furnaces where there are no grates; purchase of ice, towels, soap, combs, and brushes for offices; posta e stam for foreign postage; purchase of books, newspapers, and periodicals; improving parade grounds, repair of pumps and wharves, laying drain, water, and gas pipes, water, introducing gas, and for gas, gas oil, and introduction and maintenance of electric lights; straw for bedding, mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, sheets, wire bunk bottoms for enlisted men at various posts; furniture for Government quarters and repair of same, and for all emergencies and extraordinary expenses agreeing kat honéedaqii abroad, but impossible to anticipate or classify, t irty thousand dollars. New Ycrk. For installation of one auxiliary steam boiler, marine barracks, navy- yard, New York, New York, one thousand five hundred dollars. mgginggcmtwn and To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasg` ury on account of the appropriation "Transportation and recruiting, Marine Corps.” for the iiscal year nineteen hundred, two hundred and twenty-one dollars and two cents. mg>1;e¤¤r D<>x>¤¤~ DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. specm inspectors, For per diem, in lieu of subsistence, of four special inspectors, '°"‘”°"‘· Department of the Interior, while traveling on duty, at a rate to be fixed by the Secretary of the Interior, not exceeding three dollars r day. and for actual necessary expenses of transportation, to be expenddd