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mu . . ' MON1·;Y-0R1>E1a (JONVENTION—CANADA. 188o - [lodel E-—Ualts•l Stata•—Pacc.'[ (No wud.) INQUIRY REGARDING A DEFECTIVE OR MISSING DOMIBTIC HONEY ORDER OR ADVICE. Z (For space for reply see other aide of this sheet.) ' When an Advice is the Postmaster drawn on will pass his pen through the space headed

  • ‘ Particulars of Advice " an the inning Postmaster will ill and return without delay the Second

Advice ou the other side of this sheet. _ Ii there is a dlscrepeuc between the Advice and Order or statement of Payee, as to name, amount, etc., the Postmaster this inquiry will oareiulgxamlne the app cation, and lf it agrees with the First Advice, he w ;if practice le, ascertain m the remltter what correction, if suny, is required in the application, and will illl in the Second Advice on the opposite side of this cet accordingly. If the Order or statement of the Payee eaégrees with the apipllcation in its original form the particulars oi the Second Advice should be till in from that app cation. ranucouns or Anvres. raurrcuuns or onnsn. (Spaces to be filled in by Postmaster drawn on.) No _,,,,,_, Amount, { ,... Date . 190 N0 .. Date .. - IW . ritten in body of Order ... Inued at: . ‘ Indicated by tlgnres on right- 8 . .. PayableIL-v_"__-_____···____.____________" ____ · hand margin of Order, , _ Inued at .. . .,. Bgmmm ‘'`'’’'’`’''''''''` “Payableat . . . . Pgyee ,,,,., , ,,,,...,... . .. Plyee . -.-.· · · - ` Post-Othee at . ... Date . 190 To Postmaster at the odlce where above Order was issued: Payment of the above-described Money Order is delayed for the reason that* "iilem "``' s}i"{.i';£.ii MQ.; QQAAKA ',A5Q£.L.Q`i.1;;§ HAL} iH;1£{l§s}`;¤h$ ol mt me;

  • ‘ Here state whetherlbg reason of ‘·de|`ectlve Advice or Order." ‘·0rig·lnal Advice not received." **di•m~epa.ncy

between Advice and 0 er." 0 ·* between Advice and statement of Payee," or *· between amount in letters In body of Order and amount In el nes at right-hand margin." etcl. Elvin; in either case such full particulars as should enable the Postmaster who recclves It to fully un erstand • s cause of delay ln payment. (Oran.)