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Sn mm 80, 1901. 1886 MONEY-0R1J12R 00NvENT10N—0ANADA. [Model E—United States—lleverse.] I SECOND ADVICE. Stamp daze qf payment ere. II used to take the place of an Advice spoiled ln proces of isue, chanfe the above word “Second " to “First," draw the pen diagonally aero: the “ r1quiry" on the other side of this sheet, cancel the oriflnal Advice by drawing the pen across the face (thus X) and attach such origins to the Second Advice.

L In case 0I discrepancy be- (Tobellllsd in by issuing Postmaster.) tween the amount written inlet- 31: in the my of the Order and amoun 3 DKU}! No .. . . L . Date . 190 at the rlght-hand , pay- ment may he made after receipt (wrm uw °‘ °dd"'“-°°') ol a Second Advice uamlngeitlur of these amounts. Ammmtt O 2. When the original and ke ond Advices agree ln! naming; larger amoun 1 u · in the Order only the mma Inued at. .. amount should be Said, but the Eying P er ould rmt N e case. l' i¤¢}0¤i¤! e a . Advles. tg the 1'irst Amt. Post- hn t $"°' @*3 *..23 “‘°¤‘“" ma e e o an ,44550;,; ode; gm- me mgmut Bemitter, . .. 3. When an Order is paid on a . Second Advice, write acros the Rami at hcecftbeorderthewordsasrljd ng »•••¤-•·¤¤••¤•-·•¤••»»•·•••.··s.-...--.. in aeemdance with Second Ad- { vice," addingtheretoa statement gshemalrxxounggmd. ni it bfylgs Payee . . . r .. n amo riginal · gireénted in either place on the _ er. I nesming at 4. The Postmaster to whom a ‘ Beeognd tgdvlce is sent will he care ul reserve on e n M, qigg and amen sr to um R°'“"” ····································*··· ‘ ·‘·········· · ···· · original Advice, ll that has been received, or should subsequently , reach him. . . . ... ... . .. ... . Stamp of lau- Imting postmaster. mg 0 ce

  • ’l'b• date written ln thin Advice mus he the orlglaal date of baae ot tha luna; Order,

whlla dare ot damp nun hs tha date on wnleht is Second Advles is prepared and duraached. This form mus: also he lllled ln when the Lrllglnal advice is Imperfect or meg- •s“ g0°m°“_ ble. because of the earbonlzed sheet bavlng been u when upside down. Tha Departnudeliigbsolutely torblds the use ot pen and lnk for mllng ln the Kfuflllll map orlglnal —.—;..—