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2030 . PROCLAMATIONS. Nos. &1, 42. Reserved *’°'“ *9* Warning is hereby expressly given to all persons not to occupy or tlement. · - use the lands reserved by this proclamation. _ Rg`S*;1*ivl;“q“m°F°"*‘ The reservation hereby established shall be known as The Luqurllo ` Forest Reserve. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be aiiixed. _ Done at the City of WVashington this 17th day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and three, [SEAL.] and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-seventh. - Tnnonoms Roosmvnrzr By the President: JOHN HAY Secretary of State. [No. 42.] , January 29,19W. Br THE PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES OF A PROCLAMATION. ${j°g;bf·m_5_ V0] Whereas, The Yellowstone Forest Reserve and The Teton Forest 27. pI0sé; vol. at pI Reserve, in the State of Wyoming, and The Absaroka Forest Reserve, 9°§,,“,p,_1m,2006_ in the State of Montana, have been heretofore established by procla- ` _ {,*Qf‘·,§·””· mations under the provisions of the acts of March third, eighteen \ . , p. 11IB. 7 . . . `\~-r hundred and ninety-one, entitled, "An act to repeal timber-culture . \Y°*·~3Q» r>· 36- laws, and for other purposes ", and June fourth, eighteen hundred and \`“`\ ( ninety-seven, entitled, "An act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the iiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and for other purposes"; And whereas, it appearing (proper that the area embraced in said forest reserves with certain ad itions thereto should be included in one reserve and be distinguished by one name; and it appearing that the ublic lands in the States of W yoming and Montana, within the limits hereinafter described are in part covered with timber, and that the public ood would be promote by setting apart and reserving the same _ as a puI>lic reservation;

’§$’}‘§m¥,Y,§$“ Now, therefore, I, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, President of the United

mfjpalggpjmegforgg States, by virtue of the power vested in me by the aforesaid acts of honsolidated wan. Congress, do hereby make known and proclaim that the proelamations heretofore issued respecting said forest reserves are hereby superseded, and The Yellowstone Forest Reserve is hereby established in place _ thereof, with boundaries as follows, to wit: “°“‘“‘”"°“· Beginning at the point where the ran e line between Ranges nine (9) and ten (10) East, Princi l Meridian, Montana, intersects the northern boundary of the Yellhawstone National Park; thence northerly alon said surveved and unsurveyed range line, allowing for the proper ogset on the First (lst) Standard Parallel South, to the southwest corner of Section eighteen (18), Township four (4) South, Range ten (10) East; thence easter] to the south-east corner of said section; thence northerly to the nortli-east corner of Section six (6), said township; thence easterly to the south—east corner of Section thirtv-two (32), Township three (3) South, Range ten (10) East; thence northerly to the north-east corner of Section live (5), said township; thence easterly along the township line to the north-east corner of Township three (3) South, Range eleven (11) East; thence southerlv to the south—east corner of said township; thence easterlv along` the surveyed and unsnrveyed township line to the point for the south-