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r1rtrY-E1cH·rn couemcss. sms. m. cH. 1307. 1905. 835 laundry, and electric plants; and the sales and expenditures herein provided for shall be accounted for in accordance with the methods prescribed by law, and any sums remaining, after such cost of maintenance and otpention have been defrayed, shall be deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the appropriation from which the cost of operation of such plant is paid. For the purchase of the necessary instruments, office furniture, .,§g,“,§_""°°* °' P°°‘ ·stationery, and other authorized articles required for the equipment and use of the oi‘licers’ schools at the several military posts, fifteen thousand dollars. Iucipmrran nxrmrrsns: Postage; cost of telegrams on official busi- I“°*'*°““l°’P°””°“· ness received and sent by officers of the Army; extra pay to soldiers employed on extra duty, under the direction of the Quartcrmastefs Department, in the erection of barracks, quarters, and storehouses, in the construction of roads, and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, and as clerks for post quartermasters at military posts, and for prison overseers at posts designated by the War Department for the confinement of general prisoners; for expenses of expresses to and from frontier posts and armies in the iield, of escorts to paymasters and other disbursing officers, and to trains where military escorts can not be furnished; expenses of the interment of officers killed in action or who die when on duty in the field, or at military posts or on the frontiers, or when travelin under orders, and of noncommissioned officers and soldiers; and in ah cases where such expenses would have been lawful claims against the Government, reimbursement may be made of expenses heretofore or hereafter incurred by individuals of 'burial and transportation of remains of officers, including acting assistant surgeons, not to exceed the amount now allowed in the cases of officers, and for the reimbursement in the cases of enlisted men not exceeding the amount now allowed in their cases, may be paid out of the. roper funds appropriated b this Act, and the disbursing officers slllall be credited with such reimbursement heretofore made; but hereafter no reimbursement shall be made of such expenses incurred prior to the twenty-first day of April, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight; authorized office furniture, hire of laborers in the Quartermaster’s 'Department, including the hire of interpreters, spies, or guides for the Army; compensation of clerks and other em loyees to the officers of the Quartermaster’s Department, and incidental expenses of recruitin ; for the apprehension, securing, and delivering of deserters, incluchng escaped military prisoners, and the expenses incident to their pursuit; an no greater sum than fift dollars for each deserter or escaped military prisoner shall, in the xhscretion of the Secretary of War, be paid to any civil oflicer or citizen for such services and excuses; for a donation of five dollars to each dishonorably discharg prisoner upon his release from confinement, under court-martial sentence, involving dishonorable discharge; for the following expenditures required for the several H°”° °‘*’°“‘“"“"· regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such compan ies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, the authorized number of officers’ horses, and for the trains, to wit: Hire of veterinary surgeons, purchase of medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, blacksmiths’ tools and materials, horseshoes and blacksm1ths’ tools for the cavalry service, and for the shoeing of horses and mules, and such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the movements and operations of the Army, and at military posts, and not expressly assigned to any other department, two million dollars. *““°“”'· Honsns ron oavamzr, ARHLLERY, AND mzerxmzns: For the pur- H°'“*·°‘°- chase of horses for the cavalry, artillery, and engineers, and for the Indian scouts, and for such infantry and members of the Hospital Corps in field campaigns as may be required to be mounted, and the