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lottery tickets, lottery advertisements, or lottery circulars; all obscene or immoral articles; or articles the admission of which is not authorized by the Customs or other laws or regulations of either country, and, in general, articles the conveyance of which is dangerous.

Exceptions.A parcel may, however, contain an open invoice in its simplest form.
2. No parcel may contain an enclosure which bears an address other than that borne by the parcel itself.
Violation.3. if a parcel contravening any of these prohibitions or not conforming to the stipulations of Article II. be handed over by one Admimstration to the other, the latter shall proceed in the manner and with the formalities prescribed by its law or inland regulations.
List.4. The two Administrations shall furnish each other (from time to time) with a list of prohibited articles; but they will not thereby undertake any responsibility whatever towards the police, the Customs authorities, or the senders of parcels.

Article IV.

Rates of postage.1. The following rates of postage shall in all cases be fully prepaid by means of postage stamps of the country of origin, viz.:——
2. In the United States for a parcel not exceeding one pound in weight, 12 cents; and for each additional pound or fraction of a pound, 12 cents.
3. In Great Britain for every parcel of four pounds six ounces or less in weight, two shillings.
Delivery.4. The parcel shall be promptly delivered to addressees in accordance with the inland regulations of the country of destination, free of charge for postage; but the country of destination may, at its option, levy and collect from the addressee for interior service and delivery a charge, the amount of which is to be fixed according to its own regulations, but which shall in no case exceed in the United States five cents, and in the United Kingdom 2½d., for each parcel whatever its weight.

Article V.

Receipts.The sender may at the time of posting obtain a certificate of posting on the form provided for the purpose.

Article VI.

ChargesThe parcels to which the present Agreement applies cannot be subjected to any postal charge other than those contemplated by the different Articles of this Agreement.

Article VII.

Customs declarations.1. The sender of each parcel shall make a Customs declaration upon a special form provided for the purpose, giving a general description of the parcel, an accurate statement of its contents and value, the date of posting, and the sender`s signature and place of address. This declaration shall be pasted upon or attached to the parcel.
Collection of duties.2. The parcels in question shall be subject in the country of destination to all Customs duties and all Customs regulations in force in that country for the protection of its Customs revenues; and the Customs duties properly chargeable thereon shall be collected on delivery, in accordance with the Customs regulations of the country of destination.
Non-responsibility for correctness of declarations.3. The Admimstrations decline all responsibility for the correctness of the Customs declarations.