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Article VIII.

Fees to be retained.1. Each country shall retain to its own use the whole of the postages and delivery fees it collects on the said parcels; consequently this Agreement will give rise to no postage accounts between the two countries.
Future modifications.2. The foregoing clause, however, shall not preclude either office from proposing a system of accounts, or of insurance or registration of parcels, after some experience has been gained of the working of the post, and if such arrangement be made the necessary modifications in the provisions of the present Agreement shall be carried out by mutual consent.

Article IX.

Transportation.The parcels shall be considered as a component part of the mails exchanged direct between the United States and the United Kingdom, to be despatched to destination by the country of origin at its cost, and by such means as it provides; but they must be forwarded, at the option of the despatching office, either in boxes or baskets prepared expressly for the purpose, or in ordinary mail sacks, marked "Parcel Post," and securely sealed with wax, or otherwise, as may be mutually agreed upon. Return of sacks, etc.
2. Each country shall promptly return emptyto the despatching office by next mail all such receptacles.

Article X.

Descriptive list.Each despatch of a Parcel-Post mail must be accompanied by a descriptive list, in duplicate, of all the parcels sent, showing distinctly the list number of each parcel, the office of origin, the name of the addressee with address of destination, and the declared contents and value. This list must be enclosed in one of the receptacles composing the mail.

Article XI.

Receipt of mail.1. As soon as a parcel mail shall have reached the office of destination, that office shall check the contents of the mail.
Parcel bill.2. In the event of the parcel bill not having been received, a substitute shall at once be prepared.
Errors.3. Any errors in the entries on the parcel bill which may be discovered shall, after verification by a second officer, be corrected and reported to the despatching office by means of a verification note, which should be sent in a special envelope.
Non-receipt of parcels.4. If a parcel advised on the bill be not received, the entry on the bill shall be cancelled after the nonreceipt has been verified by a second officer, and the circumstance reported at once.
Damaged parcels.5. Should a parcel be received in a damaged or imperfect condition, full particulars shall be reported by means of a verification note.
Correct mails.6. If no verification note or note of error be received, a parcel mail shall be considered as duly delivered, and as having been found on examination correct in all respects.

Article XII.

Missent parcels.1. Missent parcels shall be immediately returned to the despatching office of exchange. Attention shall be called to the error by means of a verification note.
Failure to deliver.2. If a parcel cannot be delivered as addressed or is refused by the addressee, the sender shall be consulted (through the Administration of the country of origin) as to its disposal. If within two mouths of the despatch of the notice of non-delivery the office of destination