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shall not have received instructions from the sender the parcel shall be treated as abandoned.
Redirected parcels, etc.
Ante, p. 216
3. Parcels redirected from one country to the other, or parcels returned at the sender’s request, incur a supplementary charge on the basis of the rates fixed by Article IV., which may be collected either in advance or on delivery, as may be convenient. Parcels redirected from one address to another in the country of destination are subject to such additional charge as the domestic regulations of that country prescribe.
Disposal of perishable articles.4. Articles liable to deterioration or corruption may, however, be sold immediately without previous notice or legal formality, for the benefit of the right party. An account of the sale shall be drawn up.
Use of proceeds, etc.The sum realized by the sale shall be used in the first place to defray the charges upon the parcel. Any balance which there may be shall be remitted to the office of origin to be paid to the sender. If for any reason a sale is impossible the spoilt or worthless articles are destroyed or taken possession of by the Customs.
Cancellation of duties.5. The Customs duties on parcels which have to be sent back to the country of origin or redirected to a third country shall be cancelled both in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Article XIII.

Non responsibility for loss, etc.Neither of the contracting Administrations will be responsible for the loss or damage of any parcel, consequently no indemnity can be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country.

Article XIV.

Laws, etc., applicable.1. The internal legislation of both the United States and the United Kingdom shall remain applicable as regards everything not provided for by the stipulations contained in the present Agreement.
Notice of.2. The Administrations shall communicate to each other from time to time the provisions of their laws or regulations applicable to the conveyance of parcels by Parcel Post.
Transportation, etc.3. They shall regulate the mode of transmission of these parcels, and fix all other measures of detail and order necessary for ensuring the performance of the present Agreement.

Article XV.

Effect.This Agreement shall come into operation on the first day of April 1905, and shall be terminable on a notice of six months by either party.
Signatures.Done in duplicate at London on the third day of February 1905, and at Washington on the seventeenth day of February, 1905.

Robert J. Wynne,
Postmaster-General of the United States of America.

His Majesty’s Postmaster General.

Approved by the United States.The foregoing Convention between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent, and is hereby approved and ratified.
In testimony whereof I have caused the Seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed.

Theodore Roosevelt.

By the President,
John Hay
Secretary of State.
Washington, February 17, 1905.