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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 299. 1909. 1013 be available immediately and to remain available until expended, all of which sum shall be so expended as to give the maximum amormt of employment to the mmates of said penitentiary. Umrrzn S·rA·ms rnurrmnrrnnv, MCNEH. Isuxn, Wasmnoronz }.‘,$§,°j,}‘,,$?"’· For continuing construction, including necessary material and ` machinery, twenty-fivethousand dollars, to be immediately available and to remain available until expended and to be so expended as to ' give the_maximum amount of. employment to the inmates of said pemtentrary.· _ Nxrroinr. Trunmm Sor-roor. ma Boys: For construction of a hos- Sc§gg§°glB§;g·*¤¤¤ prtal building and equipment, fifteen thousand dollars. Hwviwi- ` MISCELLANEOUS ormucrs,-nmraarmmnr or msrrgr:. ·M’°°°“°“°°“¤· Dnrnxnrxo suns IN CLAIMS AGAINST nm Uinqmn Srurns: For c,f,{j"‘”"* '“*°' *¤ defraying the necessary expenses incurred in the examination of wit- ' nesses and procuring of evidence in thematter of claims against the United States and in defending suits in the Court of Claims, including defense for the United States in theanatter of French spoliation claims, to be ex ended under the direction of the Attorney-General, twenty thousand dollars. DETECTION nm rnoszcorron or cmmns: For the detection and c,{;:·’°°““°¤ °* prosecution of crimes against the United States, preliminary to indict— ` ment; the investigation of acts, records, and accounts of marshals, attorneys, c erks of the United States courts, and UnitedStates commissioners, for which purpose all the records and documents of said officers, without exception, shall be examined by the agents of the .Attorney-General at any time; the inspection of the Unitedf States prisoners and prisons; collection, classification, and preserve- _ tion of criminal identification records, and their excha e with the officials of state and other institutions, to be expenddi? under the _ direction of the Attorney-General, thirty thousand dollars. _ Dnrmzsn IN INDLAN Dmrnnnnrrou cuums: For salaries and ex- ,,,‘Q,°,§‘f,‘,{‘,$,,,}’;,,{{Q,,"§,_‘“ penses in defense of the Indian depreciation claims, including not exceeding six thousand dollars for sa aries of necessary employees in Washi ton, District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction offhe Att0rney—General, twenty-five thousand dollars. Tnnvnnmo AND mrscmumrzous nxrnnsnsz For traveling and ,,e'f,Yg;?F""“· °'°·· °"‘ other miscellaneous and emergency expenses, authorized and upproved by the Attorney—General, to be expended at his discretion, the provisions of the first paragraph of section thirty-six hundred and “· “··""·°“"“·l’· "“‘· · forty-eight, Revised Statutes, to the contrary notwithstanding, eight thousand five hundred dollars. Ixcrnnurxr EXPENSES, msrarcr or Aman: For furniture, fuel, {;g;gg,m,E,mm_ books, stationery, and other incidental expenses, for the offices of the marshals and attorneys, six thousand dollars. _ TnAvm,1No EXPENSES, DISTRICT or ALASKA: For the actual and ""“"““"°"’°“°“'· necessary expenses of the gudges and clerks in the district of Alaska when traveling in the disc arge of their official duties, five thousand dollars. _ Dmrrmsn or surrs Barons Smmsn Tannrv Cmrms Commission: C,§,¥;,f‘,“gg‘,},‘,,Q{;s;’0*{,fY For- salaries and expenses in defense of claims before the Spanish ¤<»fe¤¤¤i¤ wim- Treaty Claims Commission, including salaries of assistant attorneys and necessary employees in Washington, District of Columbia, or elsewhere, to be se ected and their com ensation fixed by the Attor- Y nev-General, to be expended under his direction, so muc of the pro- ‘°‘· 3* P·“'"· visions of the Act of March second, nineteen hundred and one, providing for the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, as are conflict herewith notwithstanding, sixty thousand dollars, of which not exceeding two hundred dollars may be expended for law books and books of reference.