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1014 srxrmrn oouonnss. sm. II. oe. 299. 1909.

  • ”““'“*'·‘ I""- Eurorzcnmunr or Anrrrnusr LAWS! That the balance of the a romgimiinipiiiiiorw priation of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, entitled “Enfolice-

A""' "m‘ ment of antitrust laws, nineteen hundred and nine," contained in the srmdry civil appropriation Act approved May twenty-seventh, nine- __ teen hundred and eight, shall be available during the fiscal year P${$;¤j>¤¤¤ *‘PP’°‘ nineteen hundred an ten, and an additional appropriation of one 11..,1111.11.11.1.**‘·;*."r**‘*1 $°:;·:21·££*a:1%::22s:“;: *;;:.t.*;:1;:m;.*;;:1,*‘:.0rs1 11.. l°°1ai;dpe$li:°`e¢ mime payment of necessary expenses incident to any suits brought at the '°‘ “*“°· request of the Secretary of the Interior in the eastern tjudicral district g0Ol;lalahomal,0to be (eaxipemded unlderi thieifdirecltion odtlée lfittorrlijey- MMM- ne , to imm ate ava` a e, thousand dollars: ro- 3¤li;i$f¢iliIS°m¤¤ mend, That the sum of ten lthousand dollar; of the above amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be expended in the prosecution of cases in the western judicial district of Oklahoma. -'¤*“•=i·'- JUDICIAL. U¤i°°dS*¤*°¤°°¤*°¤· Unrrnn srxnzs oourrrs. WMM- Exrnnsns or rms Uurrnn Srrwrns oormrs: For defraying the . expenses of the Supreme Court; of the circuit and district courts of the United States, including the district court in the Territory of Hawaii; of the supreme court and court of ap als of the District of Columbia; of the district court of Alaska; oixishe circuit courts of snrgzisz 2::’1:::1z:*“;1°2:.f"1°:.121322%‘:,2;“**mmaths

o o nses comrm e

against the United States; and in the enforcement of the laws of the nited States, specifically the expenses stated rmder the following M mm. I ri appropriations, namely:_ _ c,,,_‘ “‘ " ?”· 0I' payment of salaries, fees, and expenses of United States mar. shals and their de utres, one million three hundred and fift thousand dollars, to includg playment for services rendered in behalf of the Advances. United States or otherwise. Advances to United States marshals, in accordance with existin law may be made from the proper a propriations, as herein provided, immediately upon the passage of) this R°°"‘°“°¤· Act; but no disbursement shall be made rior to July first, nineteen hundred and nine, by said disbursin ogicers from the frmds thus advanced, and no disbursements shad be made therefrom to liquidate expenses for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and nine or prior years.

¤;,¢g¤¤v¤- Eor salaries of United States district attomeys and expenses of

'United States district attorneys and their re ular assistants, five gr";'};; dum: "_ hundred and fog? thousand dollars:_Pr0v*ided,gI`lrat this aplpropriacanoes tron shall be av able for the payment of the salaries of regu arly appointed clerks to United States district attorneys for services ren ered during vacancy in the office of the United States district attorney. ggfggtgggw; For fees of United States district attorney for the District of uey. Columbia, twenty-three thousand eight hundred dollars. R¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤¤*¤¢¤¤¢¤- For payment of regular assistants to United States district attorneys, who are appointed by the Attomey-General, at a fixed annual _ _ » compensation, two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. w·*gj¤'¤¤¤*¤¤¤¢°i¤* For payment of assistants to the Attorney-General and to United States district attorneys employed by the Attomey—General to aid in

  • "°'°*¤¤ °°“¤¤°’- special cases, one hundred an twenty-five thousand dollars. This

appropriation shall be available also for the a ment of forei coun- . P Y sn sel employgd by theAttorney-General in special cases, and such counsel °‘“‘· shall not requrred to take oath of office in accordance with section B~S··*°°-“°»P·°’— three hundred and sixty-six, Revised Statutes of the United States. °‘°'*" ‘°°”- For fees of clerks, three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.