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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1909. 104]. and twenty dollars each; four watchmen, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; five folders and feeders, at seven hundred twenty dollars each; three folders and feeders, at six hundred and thirty dollars each; six messengers or laborers, at six hundred and sixty dollars each; thirteen messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at six hundred dollars each; four messengers, messenger bovs, or laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; five messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at four hundred and fifty dollars each; one charwoman, three hundred and sixty dollars; three charwomen, at two hundred and forty dollars each; in all, two hundred and live thousand three hundred and ten dollars. CoN·r1NoENr EXPENSES, WEATHER BUREAU: For fuel, lights, C°¤**“€**“*°*P°¤°°’· repairs, and other expenses for the care and preservation of the pxublic buildings and grounds of the Weather Bureau in the city of ashington; for stationery and blank books, furniture and repairs to same, and freight and express charges; for subsistence, care, and purchase of horses and vehicles, and re airs of harness, for official purposes only; for advertising, dry goods, twine, mats, oils, paints, glass, lumber, hardware, ice, washing towels, and other miscellaneous supplies and expenses not otherwise provided for in the city of Washington, twenty-five thousand dollars. GENERAL EXPENSES, WEAmEa BUREAU: For carrying into effect G°“°”*‘ °‘¥’°““°* in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in the United States, in the West Indies or on adjacent coasts, in the Hawaiian Islands, and in Bermuda, the provisions of an Act approved October first, eighteen hundred and ninety, so far as they relate to the weather service transferred thereby to the Dgpartment of Agriculture, and for every expenditure requisite for an incident to the establishment, equippiqnt, and maintenance of meteorological observation stations, as . ol ows: For the employment of professors of meteorology, inspectors, dis- S°°°l°° €“*P*°Y°°’· trict forecasters, local forecasters, section directors, research observers, observers, assistant observers, operators, skilled mechanics, repairmen, station agents, messengers, messenger boys, laborers, and other necessary employees, six hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; For fuel, gas, electricity, freight and express charges, fumiture, *“P¥’"°"-°'*‘- stationery, and all other necessary supplies and materials, ninety-one thousand dollars; ‘ For instruments, shelters, apparatus, storm waming towers, and *‘¤’¤’*"‘*"‘*"-‘*'*‘- repairs thereto, thirty thousand dollars; .`or rent of offices and repairs to buildings now completed and ir¤»¤l·l¤¤·¤,¤-swim. located outside of the District of Columbia and care and preservation "°"‘ of grounds, including construction of sidewalks on public streets abutting Weather Bureau grounds, eighty thousand dollars; For olhcial traveling expenses, twenty-two thousand dollars; T’*“'°“¤¢= *‘¤P~‘¤¤°¤— For telephone rentals and for tele ra hing, telephoning, and T*""*"”¥"‘*“€·°*°- cabling reports and messages, rates to be Exed by the Secretary of Agriculture by agreements with the companies performing the service. two hundred and sixty thousand dollars; _ For the maintenance and repair of Weather Bureau telegraph, ,"Q§f‘,{f‘§$,’}_‘f§§f€;,’l‘°l°' telephone, and cable lines, four thousand two hundred dollars; For investigations in climatology and evaporation, including the Q Invasytpgatipus. onerection of temporary buildings for living quarters for observers `"vu ’°°' engaged in evaporation work, for river, rain, snow, ice, crop, evaporation, aerial, storm, hurricane and other observations, warnings, and reports, and for pay of special observers and display men, none of whom shall receive more than twentv-five dollars per month. one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars;