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1042 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1909. Pmtiug °m°°· For the maintenance of a printing office in the city of Washington, including the purchase of necessary supplies and materials for printmg weather maps, bulletins, circulars, forms, and other publications, an for pay of additional assistant foremen, (proof readers, compositors, ressmen, lithogra hers, and folders an feeders, when necessary, iiorty-five thousandp dollars; In all, for general expenses, one million two hundred and seventy- seven thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; Total for Weather Bureau, one million five hundred and eight thousand two hundred and sixty dollars.


¤•¤¤¤¤·- SA1.An1:ms, BUREAU or AMMAL INnUs·mY: One chief of bureau, five thousand dollars; one chief clerk, two thousand dollars; one editor and compiler two thousand dollars; four clerks, class four; five clerks class three; fifteen clerks, class two; one clerk, one thousand three hundred dollars; fourteen clerks, class one; fourteen clerks, at one thousand dollars each· five clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; three clerks, at e` ht hundred and forty dollars each; five clerks, at seven hundred add twenty dollars each; one mechanic, one thousand two hundred dollars; one messenger and custodian one thousand dollars; one carplenter, one thousand one hundred dollars; three carnters, at nine undred dollars each; one painter, nine hundred dollgs; three messengers, at eight hundred and forty dollars each; four messengers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; two messen- ¤er boys, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; one skilled · laborer, eight hundred and forty dollars; two skilled laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; tlu·ee skilled laborers, at six hundred dollars each; one skilled laborer, six hundred and sixt dollars; one illustrator, one thousand four hundred dollars; four laborers, at six hundred dollars each; one laborer, four hundred and eighty dollars; one charwoman five hundred and forty dollars; six charwomen, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; two charwomen, at two hlpndreddand flortyxdplliaris each; in all, one hundred and fourteen thousand one un e dollars. G¤¤¤r¤1¤¤x>¤¤¤+¤- GENERAL mxrnusss, BUREAU or ANIMAL Imnusrnrz For carry- V¤1-23.r··81- ing out the provisions of the Act atplproved May twenty-nint eighteen hundred and eighty-four, esta ishing a Bureau of Animal V¤1.26.x•.833- Industry, and the provisions of the Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, providing for the safe transport and humane treatment of export cattle from the United States to v¤i.2c.p.m. foreign countries, and for other purposes; the Act approved August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, providing for the importation of animals into the United States, and for other pur ses, and the v¤i.32.p.m•s. provisions of the Act of May ninth, nineteen hundiied and two, extending the inspection of meats to process butter, and providing for the inspection of factories, markin of ackages, and so forth, v¤¤.¤2,p.m and the provisions of the Act approved February second, nineteen hundred and three, to enable the Secrets. of Agriculture to more effectually suppress and prevent the spreallyof contagious and infectious diseases of live stoc , and for other piuposes, and also the ro- V<>\.%.p.1¤i·i. visions of the Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and Eve, to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain quarantine districts, to permit and reigulate the movement of cattle and other live stock therefrom, an for other purposes, and for V°*·$4·P-6** can-yin out the provisions of the Act of June twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An Act to prevent cruelty to animals while in transit by railroad or other means of transportation/’ and