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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. 359 Iliegisa Fork, and Dam Numbered One, Tug Fork, eighty-five thousand 0 ars. . h Imiprgving Biscayne Bay, Flgréda: For continuing improvement, one Biscayne Bay. Fla. un re an nineteen thousan ollars. Improving Black Warrioi·, W8I'Pl0l`, and Tombigbee rivers, Alabama: ‘_iB1¤¤¤jJV¤rri<>r. ew-. ` For pontgnugng (imlproverpent by; the construction of locks and dams, v°”’ ”` five un re an t irty thousand dollars. Impyoving Brazos River, Texas: For continuing improvement from B¤¤¤<>¤ River, TM- Old ashington to Waco by the construction of lock and dam at ‘ Hidalgo Falls one hundred thousand dollars. Improving ’harbor at Bridgeport, Connecticut: F or continuing B'“’8°P°’°·C°”“· improvement, forty thousand dollars. mprovinglharbor at Brunswick, Georgia., For continuing improve- Brunswick. Ga. ment three undred and three thousand dollars. _ lmproving Calumet River, Illinois and Indiana.: For continuing m(f,“};‘,'j{°‘ *“"°"·m· improvement, one hundred and forty thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ Improving Ca Fear River, North Carolina: For continuing 1m- NPQW F°" ““’°"· provement at andm below Wilmington, one hundred and fifty thousand ollars. Improving harbor af Cleveland, Ohlixio: -For continuing gmproypement C*°"**°°· °*“°· in accordance with p an for new rbor entrance an brea water extension, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. _ _ ‘ Improving Cold Spring Inlet, New Jersey: For continuing improve- NF`}? SP““¥ I"’°‘· meptilwith a viplw to sgcprinlg a gepshdofltwenty-tive feet, two hundred an 1 y—six thousand wo un re dollars. _ _ _ Improving mouth of Columbia 'River, Oregon and Washington: For Ogg_1},}} '{;,j‘,,f"'°’· continuing improvement, one million four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. _ _ Improving Columbia River at Three-Mile Rapids, Oregon and .,.,§’,g;§,’{}§{,f,p§‘,§,:”· Washington: For continuing improvement of Columbia River between the foot of The Dalles Rapi s and the head of Celilo Falls, Oregon and Washington, three hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars. R_ Improving Cumberland River above D£i.Sl1V1llB, Tennessee: For nb§;g*b§’;¤j,§v,,*fgf continuing improvement by the construction of Locks and Dams Tenn. Numbered Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Im rovin Delaware River, Penns lvania and New Jersey: For p,,1?`§l,$°§?}f° mv"' P 2 Y maintenance of improvement, three hundred and seventy-five thousand . dollars. _ Improving Detroit River, Michigan: For continuing improvement D°"°“R‘“°'·Ml°h‘ in completion of contract authorization, one hundred an fifty thousand dollars. . Igpr continuing improvement of a-pxiliaryd channel gi acpprdancg "°x““" °°°""°l' wit plan "B ” east route five un re an seventy- ve_ ousan dollars; and said channel shall hereafter be known and designated as _ Livingstone channel. _ Improving harbor at Galveston, Texas: For continuing improve- G“lv”°°"’T°x` ment by extension of the jetties and by dredging, six hundred and thirty thousand dollars. That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized and h£°§$§fe£lt§X$t°$ directed to cause to be made an examinationand survey of Galveston ”°°“‘°‘°“°*"° "“¥"°‘· Harbor, as a whole, including Galveston Harbor, Galveston channel, l Texas City channel, and Port Bolivar channel, in the State of Texas, for the purpose of establishing a broad, comprehensive, and systematic plan for the future extension, enlargement, and deepening of said arbor, so as to meet the growing nee s of commerce, and to estimate the probable cost thereof; the cost of said examination and survey to be paid out of the foregoing appropriation. · F Galveston Ship Improving Galveston ship c annel and Buffalo Bavou, Texas. or chanel md Bmw, continuing improvement to a point at or near the head of Long Reach, B¤Y<>¤·