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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. 361 For continuing construction of Locks and Dams Numbered Thirteen N°’- 13 ***1** 1*- and Eighteen, forty-tive thousand dollars. For continuigrg construction of Lock and Dam Numbered Twenty N°- 26- six, one hundr and ten thousand dollars. Improving Osage River, Missouri: For continuing improvement, 0**8** Ri'¤¤‘·M¤· one hundre thousand dollars. Improving Ouachita River, Arkansas and Louisiana: For continuing .0¤¤¤gi*; ¤¤%B1¤¢k improvement of Ouachita and Black rivers, Louisiana and Arkansas, me"' I `m L°` by the construction of Lock and Dam Numbered Two, near Catahoula Shoals, Louisiana, and Lock and Dam Numbered Eight, near Franklin Shoals, Arkansas, two hundred and twenty-tive thousand dollars. Improving Passaic River, New Jersey: For continuing improve- P°·“'**° I“'°'· N- ·’· glill: of channel in Newark Bay and Passaic River, sixty-five thousand o rs. Improving Patapwo River, Maryland: For continuing improvement l’°*°P°°° m'°¤‘·l“· of channel to Baltimore, including shoals in Chesapeake Bay off York Spit, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. . Harbor of Refuge at Point Judith, Rhode Island: For continuing *’°*“*·'“‘“'**·B··I· improvement by construction of the easterly or shore arm of the breakwater, one hundred and sevent thousand dollars. Improving Rappahannock River, Virginia: For continuing improve— m§g!¤g;¤¤¤¤°°¥ gnipt in accordance with. the modified project, fifty-eight thousand ’ ' o ars. · Improving Sabine Pass, Texas: For continuing improvement, one S°"*”° *’“*·'*`°*- hundred and ninety thousand dollars. Improving Saint Michael Canal,,Alaska: For completing improve- A§“$§:**°¤“’°•¤L ment, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.` Harbor of Refuge at Sandy Bay, Cape Ann,·Massachusetts: For md? BW 1***** continuing improvement, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Improving harbor at San Juan, Porto Rico: For continuing improve- Sm ’“'“'· Y- R- ment, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Improving harbor at San Luis Obispo, California: For continuing L“*“ °*’*“P°· impgovernent, sixty thousand dollars. _ provin harbor at Savannah, Georgia: For continuing improve- S""‘“”‘*‘· 6** ment, threedmndred thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ Maintenance of South Pass Channel, Mississippi River: For contin- B,’§{§‘,E'*,,lQ’(lbI§,§Q,',1§f· ning improvement and maintenance, fifty thousand dollars. Improving harbors on the coast of Mississippi: For completing con- d,{,°§§f"i*’*" °°""‘ struction of dred e for use in said harbors an the channels adjacent thereto, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Improving Southwest Pass, Mississip i River: For continuing im- S0Y,’f§§*,’§‘,l’§},§_**°'· provement, one million one hundred and) seventy thousand dollars. Imlproving Tennessee River below Chattanooga, Tennessee, Alabama, ,°Q”,°'},'},°§‘ff,l2§?,}’fj and entucky: For continuing improvement at Colbert and Bee Tree '1'¤¤¤- shoals, ninety-three thousand dollars. _ Improving Trinity River, Texas: For the construction of locks and °`“““" m'°’·T°"‘ dams, ninety thousand dollars. mn Improving waterway from Franklin to Mermentau, Louisiana: For ,,,“Q}‘§.’f,,‘Q‘Q,’Q;,’,,f°Ij’, continuing improvement, one hundred thousand dollars. _ Waterway from Pamlico Sound to Beaufort Inlet, North Carohna: gfggglg Epi continuing improvement, one hundred and seventy thousand 1e:,N.c. o ars. Improving Withlacoochee River, Florida: For improvement of chan- ,,_,'j;f*,§.}·f°°°°"°° nel following route F, one hundred thousand dollars. _ _ _ Improving Mississfppi River: For continuing improvement of Mis- Cfjjfgflfjggl R"°' sissip(pi River from ead of Passes to the month of the Ohio River, inclu ing salaries and clerical, office, traveling, and miscellaneous expenses of the Mississippi River Commission, two million dollars