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SIXTY-SECON D CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 977 or tubing to consumers for use or for lighting, heating, or cooling "“il`.‘§.‘°“’ Ei ‘°'iB5’f'°"i to at tmma r- r rmgss r - ht m·_;-»··,·», _·~·.·» sec ons ap y e a ron o re or roperty from one pgint to another within the District of Colurfriial likuwtn W ang any common carrier gforming such service; and this section mc:n;l¤:s.h m` shall be so applicable and so construed as to be from conilict . with those provisions of the Constitution of the United States and thegaws in pusrspanczghereof relating to interstate commereg C M U M rations erm to acquire ro or to transact usiness '"P ;, '”m whicllipwould be subject to the PfoVI;i)p1;Tt(%. this section, and eorpo- •¤=. misnrations possessing franchises for any of the putrlposes contemplated by this section shall be deemed to be subject to e provisions of this section, no property may have hem acquired, bminms trans ranehrses exercised. {Ig.;-@b'l‘l‘iilit every public utility doing brrjrgrssag the Distréipt ,,°g'*&j¤¤_,E_·:**u;*g_ ° ` to ° service ° ° reasons - y •¤dm¤¤¤•bh Safe and adlzqrlfatrsslnd in all respects just and reasonable. The charge made by any such public utility for any facility or services furnished or rendered, or to be furnished or rendered, shall be reasonable, just, and nondiscrimmato . Every unjust or unreasonable or- drscrrmr- ,_§,§•_g’*¤·*¤¤**¤¤ ¤¤- natory ch e for sux facility or service is rohibrted and is hereby declared vgiwful. Every public utility is hereby to obey the lawful orders of the commwsion created by this_section. _ _ Par-. 3. That every public utility doing busmess m the District of ~§gg¤:;_°f*§g Columbia having tracks, conduits, subways, $1:5-les, wires, switch- r»r¤M•¢ boards, exchanges, works, or other equipment , for- a reasonable compensation permit the use of the same by any other public utility whenever publm convenience and necessity require such use, and suc use will not result in irreparable injury to the owners or other users of such uipment; nor m any substantial detriment to the service °_ mum mmm to be renodered by such owners or other users. In case of failure to ,,,,,‘f‘,,,_,.,,,,u,,,, ,,, agree upon such use, or the conditions or compelrgsgtion for sutgh use, P•"l·• *° •¤·•· ' if firm artne , assocra n or 2.F‘.{,E§Z·.ri2‘i.“iE.€$¥'0§2d““.€'..?§"?.°§‘.i m’f§’£ assists, ...4 ri srt. investigation the commission 5xaH ascertain that public convenience and necessity require such use and that it would not result m irreparable injury to the owners or other users of such equipment nor in any substantial detriment to the service to be rendered by such owners or other users of such equipment, rt shall by order direct that such use be permitted and prescribe the conditions andcompensatnon m§_‘•°°°'°° *° °°*¤’”· for such joint use. Such use so ordered shall be permitted and such conditions andcompensation so rescribed shall be the lawful conditions and compensation to be ogserved, followed, and paid, subject to recourse to the courts u n the complaint of any interested party _ as hereinafter provided, which pr0§iSi0nS’1S(? QM as $pPhc$g);:’ Rovblnuo-0|'dP¥$. ‘ ‘ . am so e. Z¥.§’§¥ §? €i£.yc2`if.§§’£s%2’i;"¥.i.§°t1“¥.0.i?'}‘t’¤. to time mess by tn. °°“‘*"i“"‘?“ "§"“ "”""°3"lfJt2£ “t“’Z}$3§Z‘Sf*.?.£?¤'§’ °’ “"°“ ‘“ °'"‘ ..*.::·r.:...*·:...·.:·*;·.=;·;· m(llii‘i·n: Elgllatclfhglgwarllnmission shshll have power, after hearing and "“""“'“"‘°"‘ noticclbv order in writing, to r uire and compel ever; public utility to comlply with the provisions of this section, ancgl all other laws

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