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978 SIXTY-SECOND c0NGREss. see. III. cn. 150. wiz. court or other authority which now has or which may hereafter have MMM power to impose any such punishment, fine, forfeiture, or penalty. an m”_g°d.n·_¤*¤*“:, Par. 5. That whenever any public utility or person shall propose laws any change m any law directly or mdrrectl to the prplperty °'3"2'3‘.°"“ °* umHUi:»bIKin`iiitt:i’1tti>l°tli•e`d "'°"°“""y°"71I2$ “'£$ an a same su commission w may ta testimony and a public hearing thereon, and the hommission shall recommend su bills as will in its judgment protect the interests of the public and suc utilité and transmit the same to the proper corlnmitgees of thm; and ouse of Representatives. d I $,*3,,1 ar. . commmsxon ascertain, as soon n °‘o»u¤n¤¤••,·u. zlpracticable, the amount of money in theagonsairugtioh etpuépment of every public utility, ding the amount of money °‘“"'“‘°""‘ expen to procure any right of way; also the amount of money rt would require to secure right of way, reconstruct any roadbed, traek, depots cars, conduits, subways, poles, wires, swrtchboards exchanges, offices, works, storage plantlgpower plants, machinery, and mera useful busineso such cu , ···* m:.:·s·:‘··¤* *2**** m *.*::1 ‘°*s°mg.;:z m*··'*"* '°*"‘°°,,, ,1, ...,,,.°“ “£,.° @‘§3¥‘.&‘{.°£‘,":{;,.E°»;'E;'?tE ‘3.£‘”Ur.s”"°l‘.fiti'ri"a tif edness, and the amount, respectively, therehf, the date hvhenlilisiied, to whom issued, to whom sold, the price paid in cash, ro rt , orlabor therefor, what ldijgxution was made of the proceedi, lg; whom the indebtedness is so far as ascertainable, the amount r- porting to be thereon, the indebtednes of the pisillic utility, the credits due public u ty, other proplerty on

,··¤s;g.*: .¢.;..**·°.1.·""*;·:.·.l asses ··* *·*$..~·*··... is :wb...» M
and   what maniier paid therefor, anlduat taxes paid thereon.

béuénguu md dk e commission shall also ascertain in detail the gross and net income of the public utility from all sources, the amounts paid for salaries to ofiicers_and the wages paid to its employees, and the maximum hours nee.; of continuous service required of eac§r _ Whenever the info,-ma. tion required by this paragraph is obtamed it shall printed in the annual report of the cognmismon. In making such mvesugation the commission may avail itself of an information in possession of any department of the Qovernment ofy the United States or of the Comvd at mw miigsiontns of thedlihstnct of Qolumbia. al the ar. . e commission v "°’"'°‘ public utility within the District of Coldianbia niggeiwagld

or ;.he_3onylenitence of the public at the fair value thereof at

e o sax v ua non. d£:ul*,*;:¤**¤¤ *¤ _ Par. 8. That before final determination of such value the commission shall, after notice of not less than thirty days to the public utility, hold_a public hearing as to such valuation in the manner heremafter provided for a hearing, which provisions, so far as applicable m§:••¤¤¤l¤¤ *·l¤·- shall apply to such hearing. The commission shall within ten days nlftéep) sppih vgllnéitionwk sueripli a statement thereof upon _ u cu ym res ,an alikestatementwiththe District Committees in Congress. ¤¤*•l¤·¤¤¤- _ Par. 9. That the commission may at an time on its own initianu tive, mhke a revaluation of the property ofy any public utility »‘Zm°¤'$’..”‘““ °‘ P¤2 19- 'ilm wry public utility Shall kee and ienderm the commmion, m the manner and form prescribedaby the commission uniform accounts of all business transacted. Every public utilit , engaged directly or indirectly in anti other business than that of tig con act of n Estzeet railway, or e production, transmission, or

motd6 lt, hght, water, or power, _ or the conveyance of

$$19811 p one messages, shall, if requu·ed by the commission sepmuon. keep and render separately to the commission in like manner and