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SIXTYZSECOND CONGRESS. Sms. HI. C11. 150. 1913. 979 form the accounts of all such other business, in which case all the g:'¤0)V1810IlS of thm section shall applgwith like force and efect to the ks, acconmtszpzpers, reco of such other business. Par. 1 1. That commission shall rescribe the forms of all books, b,,"’,,,,,,,,,,""" °,,,,,"°°°“""'° accounts, papers, and records to be kept, and every public utility is required to keep and render its books, accounts, papers,

 records accurately and faithfully in the manner and form pre-
 by the commission, and to comply with all directions of the

commission relating to such books, accounts, papers, and records. In so far axsupracticable for the purposm of this section, the form rescribedsh betheformaccepted ytheInterstateCommerce (gmmmsion. Par. 12. That the commision shall cause to be prepared suitable ¤¤•¤¤· blanksforcarryingoutthepurposesofthissection,andshallwhen necessary furnish such blanks to each public utility. _Par. 13. That each public utility sli,all have an office within the ..?“’° ’°' '°°°"*’· District of Columbia in which it shall keep all such books, accounts, p:pers,_and asshall berequired b thecommission tobe pt wrthm the District of Columbia. No books, accounts, apexs, Removal et em. or records m31mma by the commission to be kept waumi um Bae-me {,:.;·.;:.r.."*·***•=* *··*· of Columbia all be at any time removed from the District of Columbia, except upon such condition as may be prescribed by the commission; , That public utilities operating in the District of 0, _ Columbia andelsewhere who have their gra] or executive offices we •¤=· br <>¤¤l:• outside of the District, may continue to · p their books, accounts, °°"°°°°°°°` records, so forth, at their executive or general offices, such public utilities being required, however, to produce before the commission such books, accounts, records, and papers from time to time as the cor1pmisslionT1;11ay¢{1rder. be cl any md ar. 1 . at the accounts annu on - A¤¤¤•¤ wuwe first dug of December, and a balance sheet of that date promptly °°°°°°°°°m°°’°*°‘ taken erefrom. On or before the frat day of February ollowing such balance sheet, together with such other information as the commission shall prescribe, verified by an owner or officer of the public utility shall be filed with the commission, and a copy thereof transmitted to Congress. _ Par. 15. That the commission shall provide for the examination ·*¤¤**¤*•¢¤¤¤¤*·~ and audit of all accounts, and all items shall allocated to the accounts in the manner prescribed pg the commission. The agents, ,ng_°·°¤¤ °' •¤·¤· accountants, or examiners emplo? by the commission shall have authority, under the direction o the commission, to inspect and examine ani and all books, accounts, papers, records, and memoranda kept by sucmplublic utihtilppié tm hm d d to D C { H ar. 16. teve u ° u tys c apro an a ua •P* °• °“·°· depreciation accounltYpThe commission slliih and edeter- wut rmne what are the proper and adequate rates of dephreciation of the several classes of property of each public utility. cse rates shall be such as will provide the amounts required over and above the expense of maintenance to keep such pro rty in a state of eihciency corresponding to the progress of the imiiigtry. Each public utility shall conform its depreciation accounts to such rates so ascertained and determined by the commission. The commission may make 1>•¤¤¤f¤·¤<>¤ of. changes in such rates of depreciation from time to t1me as it may find to be necessary. The commission shall also prescribe rules, regulations, and forms of accounts regarding such degrileciation which ` the public utility is required to carry into effect. e commmsnon shallp provide for such depreciation in fixing the rates, tolls, and me °, depndim charges to be paid by the public. All moneys in this fund may be fund. expended in keeping the ro_perty of such public utility_in repair and _ good and serviceab e congition for the use to which it IS devoted, or