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986 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. corporation, directly or_ indirectly, to acquire the stock or bonds of any other corporation incorporated for or_ engaged in the same or similar as it 1s, unlemauthonzedipwnting todoeoby the commission, and eveg contract, transfer agreement for transfer,_or enoansus or ousu au nty

f (yi:   bondswitlntchwritten tho

vm an o no mL*{_¥•,;1*°*'°¤°* ¤¤¤· Par. 55. That the commission shall, within its jurisdiction- ,,‘f,“PF,,f,‘g,,,""§,“,,_,°,,,' of H*3'° ¤¤P°t£;i§i;>¤ ofddl gas corporations ang1el]:c¤·icallI;>di>r- pora one au nyuneranygeneralor w r mm any charter Xrvganchase to lay down, erect, or wire; ip; condmts, ducts, or other fixtures in, over, or under the streete,1lnghways, pubdlr; placetxgn theDis2·fict of Columbia for the furn1slung_ _ or gas or ° transmit ° — tncity for hght, heat, or power, or umlergr¤::§ condmts or ducts for electrical conductors, and all gas plants and electric '·*'¤¤¤¢· Bosrtsm hm an In ..., ""r'.§$’£;;"§.°r‘Z: '$i°"’ °' °""‘°'H."’ "" Twm use d l*’¤d°°'·•~ aim bi, Pusan: nih corpo11;E::|h;‘Lxamm6 01' gnvestrga _ me _ _ em au pusons oorpo tions P", to M hn in manufacturing, dmtrihujang, •nd_supplying gas or electricity for Mmmm mf hght, heat, or power, and m transmitting the same, and have power to order such reasonable improvements as will reasonably pmmote the public mterest, preserve the blic hed; protect those

 or electumty and tge emplo m the manufacture an

dis uhonthereoformthemanufactureandoperauuioithewerks, wires, poles, hues, conduits, ducts, and systems connected End havfspower to orderlgsumgahleimprovennents and extensions ewor ,Wl!$,P0l$ es,conduits,duct¤,andotherreas<mable devices, apparatus, and property of gas and elecuical co rations. ,,,§'g,,‘,‘;g""“"°’ ‘°’ izvetpower by order to £x from time to time standards for determm epurityorthemeas1irementof theillumina` weroi mic . . tm: po gas tj:;an1p£ , distributed, or sold bg pgrsons or or _ ea _ , r wer urposes_ , an rescri tim to tune the eihciencylglrtlhe supply eysgem, of the curren: supphezd, and (pf the Bl ptsriiurnushed Hd be pengons or corporations genera mgan selling ec current, torequu·e' th so manufactured, distributed, or sold to equallotlhgtandards so Eixgitl by it, and to prescribe from time to time the reasonable minimum h_m__m" of and maximum pressure at which gas shall be dehyered bylsaid perv¤·¤¤. ec. ¤°¤¤ of ¢¢1‘P01‘of·w¤§- For the pruipose of determming w ether the pas manufactured, distributed, or so d by such persons or corporations 0<;rmhght1n%_heat1ng, or pozver piérposes conforgis to the standards umina power, pun an pressure th urpose { determmmguwqiether the etlilxiency of the gilipplo system, gf

  • ..*L*f.:u¤;¤;%*.z·2...·¤..“e.~°*.m’::*:.P¤‘*:..***;¤.i·?.2.a*.°.;·£?*'**·*¤ W me

its cawn motion, to examine andinvestigate the plants B¥1ilp1l)1Z$l.;) m·:.;y°:.;¤..m.*¤.. ‘££“$2“$§;.d°t1£¥.°$r?’it2“S. i.£}§"“g ge or ee- ’ . _ 1 0I' - gllciysgis ants i;.ni;1tl;)¢;gztSed0%>y;};t to mxe exalrpninations £:lS0i1rl?ve‘;Iti— · °m*¤ ¤°¤!¤!¤g1> ¢¤_<>w¤•>d. d, Penslly for dlifulg- °pBr&t'Bd` for t 1’•0r mg immmou by or electrmity by any_such $1son or corporation. Any employee or qsm. agent of the commission w d1}"\1lg8S any fact or infomation which ma? COIPB $9 his knowledge duringlthe course of any such inspection or exammauon, except m so far as e may be ehrected by the commis- BIQH, or by a_ court or judge thereof, or authorized by law, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished y a fine of not less than $50 nor more than S500 for each offense.