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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. III. C11. 150. 1913. 985 andtstimony. Incaseofdisobedienceonthepartof person ·**¤¤¤¤¤¤*¤¤¤•• ¤r_pgreons to comply with any order of the commission cinzny com- ii¤d?°.¤`I'l`°”°°'?"'°` m1¤roner,or orontherefusalofanywitnesstcteatify toanymattep whrclrhemaybemterregatedbeforethe commr¤ronor1tsagentauthormed,1tshall bethedutyof theSrn1- pre1neQour•tof theDrstrictofColumbia,orajud§ethereef, on application of a commissioner, to compel obedience attachment pr0ceedmgsforcontempt,asirrthecaseofdisobe&¤1ceovfthe requrrertnlentsofasubpmraisuedfromsuchcsmrtorarefusalto far. 49. That each witness who shall appear before the com- "*¤¤•*•· musron orgts agent by 1ts_order receive for his attendance the fees r provided for witnesses in the Supreme Court of tbeD1stnctof _ b1a, whichehallbeaudited andpaidin thesame mannerasfees_mcnmmalcaseswrthmtheDistrictofColnnnbiaam audrted and paid, upon the presentation of proper vouchers, sworn to wsuchwrtnessesandap ruvedlgythechawmanof thecommiesiom owxtnesseesubgmaedpatthemstanceofiyrartieaotherthantbe °"""""" commnsron shall _ entitled to compensation or attendance or travel nmlessthe commresionshallcertifythathktestimonywasmaterial to the rpéitter mvestrgated, and that his attendance as a witness was reasons y necessary. _ . Par. 50. That the commision or any party may, in any investrga-° °°’°“*“°"" tion, cause the depositions of witnesses residing or without the Drstrict of Columbia to be in_the manner prescribed by law for like depositions m civil actions m circuit courts. —Par. 51. That a full and complete record shall be ke t of all pro- “},°$,_·;** °' *” 1**

 had before the commission or its agents on any lormal iuves- '

trgatron hlald, sépld all testimony shall be taken down by a stenographer appornte IB: e commission. _ ar. 52. at whenever an com Iaint is served u on the com- °'°*°°°"mmm :“'°"§ mission under the plrovisions ofsthis segtion thecommissiclir shall, before g nm in ¤•¤n~m' said action is reac ed for trial, cause a certified transcript of all Eireceed` had and testimony taken upon such investigation to be ed withutga clerk of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Par. 53. That a transcribed copy of the evidence and proceedings, or any specific part thereof, in any investigation taken y a stenog- ¤¤¤<¤ ¢r•·¤<¤•v•·— rapher apginted by the commission, being certified by such stenographer to a true and correct transcript of all the testimon in the invest¥ation or of a particular witness, or of other specihc pnart thereo ,carefullycom aredbyhimwithhisoriginalnotes,andto p correct statement of tge evidence and proceediraés had in such investigationsop ortingtobetakenandtranscri ,Bl1§l.lb6IBOBlV0d1D evidence the same effect as if such refporter were present and }°“°“Zi’."..¤‘° “2i’ f‘“2°§Q$“?°.Ze t.°°" ‘I..§·‘°S3 ¤."“““*"".Q ih`}! °° W" urni on eman , o , an mv non. 0 Par. 54. That no franchise nor any to or under any franchise {JESS to own or o erate any public utility as defined in this section or to ;g;””‘ ° “"’““*" use the trac; of any street railroad shall be assigned, transferred, orleased, nor shall any contract or agreement with reference to or aifecting any such franchise or right be valid or of any force or effect whatsoever rmlees the assignment, transfer, lease, cqntractncr agreement shall have been a proved by the commksnon in wntmg. The E'°°* °'°'•“'°’~ ission and approval) of the commision to the assignment, transler, or lease of afranchise under this par-agra h shall not be construed to revive or validate an lapsed or rnvalid or to enlarge or add to the powers and, privileges contained in the grant of any franchise or to waive any forfeiture. It shall be unlawful for any °*;¤jM•; street railroad corporation, gas corporation, electric cog;-ation, uuueas. telephone corporation, telegraph corporation, or other pub utility