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984 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. is not su 'ed the commisdon shall have power to determine and substitutiiptllierbfor such other regulations, time schedules, service, or acts and to make such orders respecting and such changes m such regulations, time schedules, service, or acts as shall be just ,_*§,'g**'°° " "" and reasonable And upon any investigation for the pmpose of ' determining upon and requiring any reasonable extension or extensions of lines or of service that promise to be compensatory within a reasonable time, the commission shall have power to fix, determine, and uire every such extension or extensions to be made and the terms ariid conditions up? which the same shall be made: §$§,f°·,,,,,,,,,,,,,Provided, Thatnohearingahall hadandnoordershall bemade ¤¤¤¤¤¤- res such extension or extensions ynthout notice to the cpublic

ected thereby, as provided m paragraph forty this

section. .§}_?1',Pg,“D;,*§’{*; Par. 42. That if upon investigation it shall befound that any ga M nw. M. rate, toll, algo, schedule, or ’ tr-ate,_or rates, is nn ust, unrea- °”’“°‘ sonable, ins cient, or unjustgmdmcrhnmatery or gerential, or otherwise in violation of anybof themprovisnons of section, or that any time schedule, tion, , or_service of is unjust; unreasonable, , orptherwne in violation any of the provisions of sectmn, or_if it be found that remonable service is not the public utility found to be at fault shagopay the expenses incurred by the commission upon such mvsstiga n. ’ .¤Qq£a°°’°.rT.°i..°°"”°°' lg:. the commissiontipay, in its discretion, when com- ` tism eo morethanonera orchargs,o er heumgs ihereon, and may consider and determine the se rs complained of se arately and at such times as it ·may No complaintfslngl of necessity tpl any time be dismissed of the a ceo `ectdamagsto ecom t. ‘ s:Si””"’ ""°°°°°' Par. 44. 'l‘hat whenever the comihision shall that any rate or charge ma? be unreasonable or tmjustxndiscninmatoryn or that any reasonab e service is not supplied, or t an mvestngatnon of any matter relating to any public utility should for any reason be made, it may, on its own motion, summarily investigate the same. M ¤_ with or without notice. . _ _ I _ _ $°i.=§¤°:°°{ Par. 45. That if after making such investigation the commission becomes satisfied that sufficient grounds exist_to warrant a formal hearing being ordered as to_the matters so mvestnga it shall furnish such public utility mterested a statement no ` the public utili? of the matters underjnvestigation. Ten days after such notice as been given the commission may proceed to set a_t1me CNM 0, _ and place for a hearing and an investigation as hereinbefore provided. mp. Par. 46. That notice of the time and place for such hearing shall be ’ven to the public utility and to such other interested persons as is commission shall deem necessary, as provided in par sph forty of this section, and thereafter proceedings shall be hy and conducted in reference to the matter investigated in like manner as though complaint had been filed with the commission relative to the matter investigated, and the same order or orders may be made in annum by . reference thereto as 1f such investigation had been made on complaint. public utility. Par. 47. That_any public utility may make complaint as to an matter affecting its own product or service with like effect as though ggde by eymmission or upon reasonable complaint as hereun- Power toadmlnktu Ora prow ‘ x¤¤.is¤¤¤S¤•>¤<=¤¤· I-jar. 48. That each of the commissioners and every agent provided gm, lr sez for in_paragraph this-ty-mx of this section, for the purposes mentioned m section, sh have power to administer oaths, certify to official acts, issue subpoenas, compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of ooks, accounts, papers, records, documents,