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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 983 agents, and may delegate to such agent or agents the of all testimony u n any investigation or heating. The ecision of the commission $11 be based upon its examination of all testimony and records. The recommendations made by such agents shall use ct mmm be only, and_shall not preclude the taking of further testi- °'°°"‘ mony, if e commission so_order, nor further investigation. Ifar. 37. That every public utihty shall furnish to the commission ,,,*'*'°"*"'*“°",,,,,,,,, ,,*°,m,‘·• all mforrnation rgnu by it to carry into efect the provisions of ‘ by this section, and specific answers to all specrlic uestions submitted by the commission. Any public utility recei tlrom the mmmmu. commission anyblankswithdirectionstoiillthesamesli.TlIcaiasethe same to p £l.led out so as 'l’•0_IDSWBl:, fully and correctly, each question propounded, and m_cue it k unable to answer any question it shall ve a and sufficient reimon for such failure; andsand answershall beveniied under oath by the `dent,sec1o-

tendent, pr_genergl manager of auch pubrltlutili , and

re _ to the commission at_1ts office within the period ijixedthy the ccmmmsion. Whenever by the commission, e public ¤¤•¤¤¤¤»•¤¤- utility shall deliver to the commission any or all Wigs, contracts, reports of mgmeers, and all documents accounts, papers, and records, or copies of any or all of the same, with a complete mventtory of all its property, m such form as the commission may Par. 38. That upon its own or u reasonable complaint ¤¤v•¤•¤¤¤ M nlmade §ainst any public utility that any ofPtTe rates, tolls, charges, i or sch ul , or services or time and conditions of payment, or any joint rate or rates, schedules, or services, are in any respect unreasonable or unjustly discriminatory, or that any time schedule, regulation, or act whatsoever affecting or relating to the conduct of an street railway or common carrier, or the pro uction, transmission, dglivery, or furnishing of heat, light, water, or power, or un connection therewith, or the conveyance of any telegrap or telephone message, or any service in connection therewith, is in any respect unreasonable, msufficient, or unjustly discriminatory, or that any service is inadequate or can_not be_ obtained, the commission may, in its discretion, proceed, with or without notice, to make such investigation as it may deem nccessuglor convenient. But no order adectugg ;,,{°',,;'“,,2l.;'{2.',..;°F"‘,g.°’ said rates, tolls, charges, s edules, regulations, or act complain of shall be entered by the commission without a formal hearing. _ N mum- tm Par. 39. That the commission shall prior to such formal heanng puh ° notify the public utility complained 0 that a complaint has_been made, and ten days after such notice has been given the commission may proceed to set a time and place for a hearing and an mvest1· gation as hereinafter provided. _ _ _ Par. 40. That the commission shall give the public utility and the _,,,’f°“°° °' """""· complainant if any, ten days' notice o the time and place when and where such hearing and investigation will be heltl_and such matters considered and determined. Both the public utility and complemant shall be entitled to be heard and shag have process to emorce the °°ii°d°·f°° °§m°°` 1. · th tes sus at <> ¤ ··=¤·~¤=·=~·¤· ar. 1. t u n suc mvestigation e ra , , es, ,,,§ 3,, Hmmm schedules, or joint rziigas shall found to be unjtlst, unreasoriliiile, ina. churn. ew. insufficient, or unjustly discriminatory, or to preferential or otherwise in violation of any of the provisions of this section, the commission shall have power to determine and by order fix and order to be substituted therefor such rate or rata, tolls, charges, or schedules as shall be 'ust and reasonable. If upon such 1IlV€Sl51g8•· '*"“’° ’°"°‘“'•·°*° tion it shall be found that any regulation, time schedule, act, or service complained of is unjust, unreasonable, msufficient, preferentisl, nmjustly discriminatory, or otherwise in violation of any of the provisions of this section, or if it be found that reasonable service 87618°-vox. 87-iw 1—-64