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982 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. ¥·¤’¤·¤*•¤¤•¤¤*·- P . 31. That th commissionmay prescribe changes in the for1;1“indwhi¢il1° the sizhechules are mued by any public utahty as may be to eztrpedx .

°"°‘ '“"°°' Pgru?32. That e cociiamission shall have power to adopt_reasonable

' and proper rules and regulations relative to all_mspectaons, testsi audits, and investigations, and to_adopt and pubhsh reasonable an proper rules to govern its proceedmgs and to`§ulate_the mode and manner buff all 1l;VSlilg8l10¤B and hearmgs of p c utxhtres and other arti re 1 . 1¤¤¤··¤¤¤¤¤¤f¤¤¤— P- Pa: 33.0That the commiséon shall keep itself informed as_to the °°°m°°°°°'°°°` manner and method in which the buainm of all public utilities IS conducted, and shall have the right to obtain any public utalrty allnecessaryinformationtnenablethecomminnontoperfmmxts d ties. -

.·i,.‘"‘"“"‘~··-‘·=*"-=*‘» .I`*’,.·*· “.· .’E.P;
.*’r.a sm.? ;,...·*·..°¥ say zgmpmm 0* :...nP::;::

demand, have t to booksi accounts, papers, records, and mem of anylphubhc um, an _ to examine, under oath, any officer, agent, or em yee of puhhc utnhty in relauon to its business and aifairs. Anyiperstm other than one of sud cognmidoners who shall make such emand shall produce his authority to make such inspection _ ` ’*°}g_¤j*,g·mg‘¤,,{*,{·. Par. 35. That the commission may reqmre, by order- or subpmna, www tobeserved upon any'1puhhcutihtymthesamemmnerthatas¤1m· monsisaervedmaci -_0¢tl.QlIlll.lil10S\l 6C0uT¢0fl]10_D|8tIl¢$0f· $‘.Z.}‘§"“”?’ E`; £’.Y‘i‘$`l3£‘§·’“.a.g..'”‘“"“.s.‘§°...y s°Z‘a°’.SL.?'.‘.‘$iL°," @ lh 1 records kg t by such public utility any omcelor wipthout District ofp Columbia, or verified cop1es m hen thereof if the commission shall so order, in order that an examination thereof may be "°'““"°""""*· made by the commissiogl lmdg its bAny publicf num failing to m wi an er or su or day it stliall so f or crgfuseliorfeit argl pay to the of Qolumbia thesnmrofonehundreddollars, toberetzoveredmanactrontobe brought in the name of said District. M¤_·{'_¤·=· •' '**· Attendance of witnesses and the production of such documentary ml-' evidence may be required from any place in the States. And in case of disobedience `to a subpoena the commission or any party ammaumum to a proceednip before the commission, may mvoke the and o any court of the nited States or the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia in req ' the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production oi books papers, and documents under the pro-

 §{c“’· visions of this section. And the said commission is hereby given

° power to call on any district attomeapf the United States, the corporation counsel of the District of lumbia, or any coxmsel of the commission to enforce the provisions of this section in .the roper courts of the United States, and on_such call it shall be the diity of the sa1d_d1st¤ct attorney, corporation counsel, or any counsel of the commission, upon request of sand commission, to enforce the provisions of this paragraph, the costs and expenses incurred to be paid gut of the appropriations for the expenses of the courts of the United tates. , }=g*’·¤¤s¤=¤··¤ W P . 36. That fo th I making ’ ‘ { ih “g °°' any plullilic iitsitlypoaae 0commiss1¢;11imslx§1[lviiii ;i;ve:·v1ri; m an 0 er m wn , t, ' »~·-··»¤···=··»~=- §.§’§§..i :..3...1. eee. 1.. ¤.'E"i¤.2§$§3i §'s.%°3e.`§°§$°.§ ..g£’.% have every power whatsoever of an m naturetgranted in this section to the commission and shall have power to administer oaths and take depos1tions. The commission may conduct any number of such mvestigatnons contemporaneously; through different