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78 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II.- Gus. 67, 69, 70. ‘1912. or parcel of the public domain not exceeding one guarter section which in his judgment, it would be prgiper to exglose or sale_ after at least thirty days’ noticetgg the land officers of e district m_which ,Q'g§,*;°{;,m,u, W such may be situa { Provuled, That any legal subdivisions of r¤¤sn1a¤sm•¤J¤i¤· the public land, not exceeding one uarter section, the greater part of "" °"°“ which is mountainous or too ror:$h‘ior cultivation, may, in the discretion of said commissioner, be 0 ered into the market and sold (gui-- suantto this Actupou the application of any person who owns lan or holds a valid entry of, lands adjoining such tract, regardless of the that such tract may not be isolated or disconnected withm the meaning V·¤¤¤ ¤¢¤¤· of this Act: P:·o»t»zg:1‘{fun-ther, That this Act shall not defeat any v right which has al y attachedunder any pending entry or location." Approved, March 28, 1912. mn. _ ___ · · _._..n__¤?_1§ ml APah'd?l:¤l?mgmmg‘ “"°°.,.}‘““‘2$£.§‘$’...F4‘2.°t‘i.’;"i..." "°“:'..‘ Q2 Bit¢1¢adedby theSmate MH Re entati lhelfited ,,,§,",f"*"* ’“‘ “Static of America in Conga.; s¤1i:’o?‘th.ree hun-

2g;¤_f&{   and fifty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appromm nu or Pans pnated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated

§",{’_ °"° °*“‘“°‘“· to be ezgended imder the direction of the Secretary of War in accord- P•¢.va ¤·¤. ¤&¤=· ance the gms, specincations, and recommendations of the Miszilisippi Riverf minission, as approved by the Chief of the levees on the Mississipp:'l1fivl¢;lr0betweeu gg H$P:tPPasses and Cape Girardeau, · Approved, April 3, 1912. A 6. GHAP.70.—An theSecre oitheln permi


"""“°‘ '°` ‘“’ 23’¤°§?“n.'”§*.§¤'3i‘a°;'€E3”°n.a“3.°‘tE¤£?‘$s°§‘.‘2£.?r““ '°“°' “‘ “‘° °"°°“' Be itenaded tJlsSeaa¢ea1•dH R esenlati th Uiled ..·=·:·;:,;·,·,-e,·;,,·=···¤·— sa., ..; .4.3% as eww ...'J75fzL’£ ith as s".2LZ{t-§ Ja. Ugg cging int¤·ier_be, and•he llngeby ig zingcrized agi to permif use yen ma nnnquua an eta! 0 m an ert ` "",°"':'°· embraced in its existing Choctaw ang (Kiickasawqcoal wlnqcli have been demonstrated to be not valuable for coal, as follows: Southwest quarter of the northwest quarter, south half of the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter, northwest quarter of the southwest quarter, east half of the southwest quarter, west half of the southeast quarter, south half of the southeast quarter of the southeat quarter section thirty-five, township six north, range eighteen east; north half of the northeast uarter of section two township five north, ranfe eighteen east; emtly three hundred, and sixty ’*”"' ‘° “°“- acres, rnore or em• and to include within ghe lease in lieu thereof the follc::;§·descnbed land, which is within the segregated coal area and unle : Northeast quarter of section thirty-six; east half of the northwest quarter of section township six north rms? eighteen east; southeut quarter of southwest quarter and smith h o_ southeast quarts- of section twenty-five, township six north range eighteen east; embracing three hundred and sixty acres more hr less ,,""*'¤c§,,•;{,·*:§ Sec._2. That the Secretary of the Interior be and he hereb is. p§;i°-Smquupnu authorized and to permit the Eastern Coil and panytorel1nqumheertamlandsernbr1cedinits w