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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. cs. 150. 1913. 997 EKCISE E,,,,,,_ Sec. 9. Panaeaam 1. That no rson com an , co artnemhi “"‘°·°“’··“‘ *‘“°‘*· association, club, or corporation shallemaniifactuiie, gel], older for aim mm mm"` keep for sale, trafiic m, barter, for goods, give away, or otherwise furnish, m_the District of lumbia, any intoxicating} liquors, except, hereinafter prov1ded._ Wherever the term "intox- ueaamgenum. icating hquors 1s_used_m this section it shall be deemed to include whisky, brandy, gm, wine, cordials, rum, ale porter, beer, hard or fermented cider, and all other fermented distilled, spirituous, vinous, and malt liquors, and every mixture of liquors which shall contain more than two per centum, b weight, of alcohol, and any mixture of hquor which shall contain lies than two per eentum of alcohol, if the same shall be intoxicating. Pan. 2. That there shall be and is hereby, constituted an excise ·¤1gg._§· \>¤•¤i <>¤¤· board for the District of Columbia, which shall be composed of three members, to be appointed by the President of the United States P,.’§’,*,§‘g’,§‘{’“°“‘ ”’“'• by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and who shall serve for a term of three {sears, and until their successors are appointed ¤¤¤¤¤¤— and qualified, except t t the members iirst appointed ahaha serve for one, two, and tlliree years, respectively, as may be designated b the President, or until their successors are apginted and qualiiiex The salary of said commissioners shall be at e rate of $2,400 per wu:. annum. Hereafter no license shall be issued to a hotel having less than H°°°"°'“"°“°” fifty bedrooms for guests, nor to any hotel the character of which, or the character of the r;)r(pprietor or manager of which, is shown to be objectionable to said ard. Not more than three saloons or barrooins other than in hotels or mggjkgggugf MP clubs shall be permitted on one side of a street between intersecting ' streets, nor more than four on both sides of a street between intersecting streets. _ _ _ No saloon, barroom, or otherdplace where intoxicating liquor IB ,,,$,§”,‘,}’§;‘,f Q °°”"‘ sold at retail shall be licensed, owed or maintamed within three hundred feet of an alleyway occupied for residences or of places commonly called slrums, except upon the unanimous vote of all three members of said excise board. _ _ _ _ _ _ M No saloon, barroom, or other place wherein mtoxicating liquor is ,,,,,,,§,§}§§,§,,,§_§‘{,'§ sold at retail or wholesale, other than hotels and clubs, shall be hcensed, ¤’•¤¤*¤¤· allowed, or maintained within four hundred feet of any public schoolhouse, or a now located or established coll§e or university, or within four hundred feet of any now establish house of rehgious worship, measured between the nearest entrances to each gy the shortest course of travel between such places of business an such public schoolhouse, college, or umversity, or estabhshed house of l'Gl?0“§ . . . · · No license to nilo hcense s be granted to sell mtoxicating liquors in themd ,,,,,0,, ,,,,,,8 waiting room of an station or depot of any steam or electric ¤>°¤= or other carrier fgr the transportation of pamengers withm the District of Columbia. _ No ul ed Hereafter no license shall be granted for the establ1shment_0r ,,,,,,m,,,c,,,,,,,'{,‘,§_ maintenance of a barroom or other place for the sale of mtoxicatmg liquors, otherwise than in sealed packages and not_to be drunk on the premises, in an residence portion of the District of _Columb1a; anditshall betheclutyof theexciseboardtodetermmemthecase D°*=*'¤=‘¤*“°¤ of each ap lication for license whether the location where the barroom is tolbe located is or is not within the busmess portion of the District, and if not the license shall be denied; and the excise board is hereb authorized and required todetermine in each case what is so far dzavoted to business as to constitute it a business street or