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998 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. III. Ch. 150. » 1913. ,,¤;"’•'g_‘{°ch,m_ section: Pr&d, That no license shall be granted for any saloon or bsrroom on any side of angmsaiuare, block, or tract of land where lem than fifty per centum of oct frontage, not indluding seloons W or hotels clubs having barroom nmder this section is used for busmes pn? nor shall mtoxicating liquors be sold, at wholesale outside of buines districts as above provided. m';¤$,,gg_¥{ •¤*°¤•¤ lflo saloon, barroom, or wholesale-liquor business shall be licensed, maintained, or allowed in the territory west of the following lines: The westerly line of the fire limits as now established from its southerly digits totgrhere thesamelulrgarsectswith them£lim‘§teflt,hl•;I§1oldier£ali me; encewesterly northerlyalong aan mi 'tun' the same tersects with Kansas A ; along Kaueas`A . — nue to with the noraueg boundary of the.Dis¤·ictv§f- Colum 1a. , . ¤¤**¤°"=¤•¤¤¤¤· Said boardehallcomiderand actupunal applicationeforlieense to sell to ' and thabon th cur; ..}“,,.F§.$°*i‘,¥*E¤‘{»}.`L°'“.at;.».. ¤'}“K.i°E`.}3¤‘.».'$’“i?. me ...'.}’.»..$ "_¤§.gg:_1·}¤_=¤¤·clus1ve. lntheissnmgofbeenseeforlaarroouasxtshall betliaduty · 3§theemmsebo-:lrdtoadopteuohha’ c‘1:lr'Hmducethenumber 1 _ In to t 6I®d. bt.I::ehundred:>&Novmnber£r¤tl;Isnir1eteeun h».§redI:.hd fourtezg no o ' within the hw shall be » deprivedofhisliceneeorrequiredtochangehislocatinmbefore !•¤·¤¤ ¤¤¤••· Nogember {get, nineteen hgiudred and fourteen. On the sai board license to ° toxica ’ the gags; ¤¤¤.•¤=- me a licetteltg the applicanlt;) make such rules ` regula ns or in act ’ section asit ma deem Ann! nan urequisiteaud 1-oper makeauaunua1repcrtte(&-ep N"' setting forth tge number of applications for liceme, whether favorabl or unfavorably acted upon, the number of convicted for L persons nm, .· M FQ “°.,0“ ‘if£€‘§i““..1’IZ¤“a5‘5°£‘§aL’°`““b¤.re°” ""’ Ki?} °' ‘?.°“m.H°"°°‘..;°3 i is emxowered to summon any person bdore it to give t:‘tim?>ny, under — oa or aiiirmatron, as to any matta aiecting the operation of the laws regulating the sale of intoxicating in the District of Columbia-, andan m beroftbeboardshall ve thepowertoadminister ·r·.e¤..y.••¤.oathsora£lirmationsforall urposesofadminietw sa.idlgwg_ ""‘· Sulcih epmmoliagdmtiy be servedp by any member of thI;n§etropolitan ce orce e refusal egect witnem Kesaidboirrd ortotestify$:}nrequi¢i·e¢ltma vu. zo, p. ro. gjalrgiéi las nbpfussl to asm bdortg the of the _ _ um 1a, as rovi or A ts of F bruary ueth, eighteen hundred Bud ninety-si: entitleii "An Ret to oa? tact Ac; to swearing before trial boards v•ur,p.aa e etropo_ ce o M · - va.¤,p.m. of Columbuz, and gi othe;wpu·1I;;cseg,’d:";:;,l;·t0€Q•:ft M·;h:]l3?,:,r;cht gz? lgrgiéidtgg gnAd1nAn£ty-two,’ and Julytiirst, nineteen hundred


expensed of the government of the wumbilhrlxidtlngohsghmc — year ending •`%_I::nl·l111’tl0slil;, nineteen Bgundred {Lid and for other pugénsa. summon shall enti to f if 1. for each day’s attendance the said board, payabha OBIR gf the contmgent fnmd of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia; and any witness knowingl mal¤ng` a false mmm · board on any material matterzhall be guilt cfs ent uglthsq-Id able accordingly. - Y *‘°’*“"’ “‘ P“'”°h· “"" "“"*’°°*“· Pan. 3. That the said board shall nyu.! Dwdmml $1,500 per aunumr nd an inspector wilhpggllitzet cl:eli·s·:t· sal 0: $1 r annmn. ‘ ·p° · ° uy ° Qxasv _ Sand mspector shall make mspectrons as ma be mq by this section, under the orders of the board, and makeyfull