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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 999 report of such inspections to the board,. He shall wear a badge ‘. eating that he is such inspector of the excise board. The board glliill *°°°"*°' WN- ss ?.‘Q‘l‘.fi°°.2§.T‘.°‘..t...‘“ s*s..·*i°“.t°:,..”“¤*°» °*.·~“te~wm~¤¤d·# acjtéons gakrferlifhereon. Pl s mg 0 ’ md the _ au._ . _ thevery person ap foralicensetosellint0xicat' P•Htbnlerll¤_. liquors m said District ile with e said board a petition for srildg license, and such petition shall be considered and acted upon by the

 m the order in which such petition is filed and numbered. Said ceases

pegtion skall contain- ` iist. _ statement the name and residence of the a ‘ an N”"•·•°°- and the time he has resid in the District of Columbia. mum t · _ Second. A_ statement describing the particular place for which a "'*°°°¤'¤•*· license Us desired, designating the same bg street an number if practicable, and if not, by such other apt escription as will definitely zcgledit, and how long said applicant has been engaged in business

e full name and residence of the owner of the premises °"'*’•¤¤·¤

upon which the busmess is to be carried on. ` Fourth. A statement that the applicant is a citizen of the United ?¤¤*••·•¤¤·¤¤ States and a bona fide resident of e District of Columbia, and not less than twenty-one years of mud whether such applicant has smce third, eighteen hun _ and ninety-three, been ad'udge<l guilty of violatingthe laws erning the sale of intoxicating liquors or for the prevention of gamQling in the District of Columbia. Fifth. A statement that he intends to, and if licensed will, carry d,,"§_°"""’°‘ " ¥*‘”‘ on such business for himself and not as the agent of any other person, company, cops.:-tnership, or corporation. Sixth. A statement that he intends to sggrintend in person the ’“""”"°“'· management of the business for which he a license, and that if ww he will so superintend the management of the business so en . Said petition must be sworn to gg the petitioner before a notary ‘m°°"" public or other person duly authoriz to edmmister oaths and affirms- Pmhm WN. tions. If any false material statement is knowinlgg made in any mtmeun. °° part of said petition, the petitioner making said davxt shall be eemed guilty of perjury, and on conviction thereof shell be subject to the penalty now provided by law for that offense· and in case a license as been issued to said petitioner the same beunmediately N M M mm revokeid by saidlpoard. Nogice of the filing gg said pegztéoai shsllrls ° ‘ given the a 'cantinsuc mannerasmay prescn _ y gene rules arid regiillintions adopted by the excise board; and_ if protests K°°"°'°"”°°°'°` exinst the granting of such license are filed no iinal action shall be t en by the excise board nmtil the protestants shall have had an opréoiétngngy to 'be heard, under rules and regulations prescribed by sai o . mm, Pan. 5. That the licenses authorized and provided for by this ‘°°‘ section shall be of two classes, wholesale liquor licenses and barroom licenses. The fee for a wholesale hsuor license until November first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, be $500 per annum, and AM N _ I for a barroom license $1,000 per annum until November first, nmeteen NIL °"““"' · hundred and fourteen; and thereafter the fee for a wholesale liquor license shall be $800, and the fee for a barroom license shall beQl,500 D°"°'"‘ per annum. Every apfplicant for acgpuor license shall deposit amount of the license_ ee with the ector of taxes of the District of Columbia at the time of iihng the aplpfliscauon with the excise ¥¤¤·¤*¤·=··¤=· board. If, upon consideration of the ap tion for license by the board is provided for in this section, the [hoard shall decide to Ei-ant the license prayed for it shall notify the nssesor and the ap cant shall thereupon receive his license ; and only on the granting lily said 8761B°-vox. 87-rr 1——-65