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1000 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 150. 1913. mboardofalicensetoan li tm ll°to' f¤·l' hallth mw. ·*········* ..,.,,,0, ksue .. re...,Z..“*’é2, ‘§?.2». .§¤é?...5‘“w‘i‘:¤§$2$'§ rmi Hmm shall be refused b_y said the co ector_of taxes shall forthwith refund the deposit aforesaid. A barroom hcense shall W-·»-»» ;::i;;“§j._j.,*.:·:.:*#.:·:i*::*°° dispenmdm,dub’ei)t·<1?ethta!1ll.p1a1&’°v;l11vl'fa]•?:lhllEh°xl- _ 0 6 lq'll0l' l1eense_ i2h0l'l7Atb8li¤8DS00t08Ql1.t•0' li ' sealed packagglornly ::11 quantities utc: l3ss;thsl:1nc?>i11;l€1ua'i·t] (ixlisthud agrega , excep ui original or n kage ft not lem then apyirloximstely a and ndt i.)owbebodn11ilik;l;13.i1HthZ; remises w ere so ; an no license gym til it is satisfactorily shown thatvthe places where it is intended to cli:-ry ·-············-» :;*.,e.·"°'*..d1·;;··¤s::,*;,*°1.¤;.#*%.¥,..·.:‘¢:.*$.i°* *i%;·.s.:“.·i·. ..“:,·ra°z az ""§"‘;e.‘Zi‘ ""°.e...·".»'°’”"’»;‘$. ‘3.§“ "“‘°““°‘ '1'¢‘tm`i2,“e $.3.“"3;.°‘...§°"° m ·o or n ‘ the prernisespr not, 3 a ‘blar$1·<>om; and¤the possgsli sion of mtoxicating lguqrs, w1_ the means and ap liances for carry. mg oriwthe the same to where solgf shall runs acne evidence e a banoom eenm’ M mm this sectibn and the liceme thereforphall hemknown asl:. barrgom

   _   makers, brewers, and   of intoxicating   uors

P . _ l¥lth0DBt!lE!t0fo0l\!mbl%, 8hlLu_b0f%uH'Bdt0b&kB0utt116W e License for neu provided for m thu section: , That when such busi- ¤'¤c*;~b }iess1scar§1edon];:fmor:bthanonepl•ceal1censeshall berequired or each ace. ore e excise QLD,} rwmy, club it mliist satkfactorily shown thatugnih club is duly porated;_that its mernbership is bona tide, all being on an equal status with equal dpnvxleaas and responsibilities; that its purposes are leg131mtate; that e sale of liquor} intended is go] more than anmo1en,an nsnoa nmeseurceo . ‘ to club matyobe in the ngme of its pmsidgitzgd in cadgodlfoviolai tion of provmons of this section in such club, he and the secretary, the treasurer, and the rnanagerof theclub shall be proceeded against collectively or severally in their mdmdual capacities and, if convicted, be sub;ect to the penalties rescnbed in h fourteen of this . . B £0¤f*8¤'¤P , ,. M .,. .. ·.;,2¤;:*.;.;z¤2‘,.***..:,!·°1#¤¤*°.,o,.i~°‘*··,...e..° °‘“'*a¥:.·“t .“.*‘:*z=°°*·“az.*;.s*°·* by "°"· teenhundred Odfourteen th Ishall theogrannm Jum-

  • 0 mmm more than twentydive clubs i¤:l;ding thfee now to

_,,,"§,,,,,,,,,,,_,, Pan. 6. f1`hat_under yhoeuse issued in accordance with this ¤¤¤ srestiogs no mtggitezagng hguoresligll be tosiold, given amy, 45 in any posed_ y mmor, an xica mon, or ‘t drunk. ardT an xgnorance of the age of any such mlirior shall not we defense dgywhmd ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ to_any action instituted under thmsection; and no licensee nmder this section shall sell, give away, or dispense any intoxicating liquors to any person between the hours of one o’clock a. m. and seven o'clock a. rn., nor on Sunday: or Inauguration Day; and between said hours, and en Sundays, an _ Inauguration Day eve barroom and other 1¤¤¤¤¤¤M•¤- place_where mtoxicating hquors are sold shalllybe Item; closed; that 23 b‘L‘”‘p.%’ ‘*”‘J.§'i2h?emrm“g° °€¤°."?.`}“§i’2cZ°”i,“ °""'L,“" -"°§ ‘° °““" , , I w cream ‘ . °’ · sold, other than a hotel, restaurant, or club; that ZPESQ giaamomahallat allhmm whenselhngisprohibitedbeexposedte view from the street, without obstruction by screens, blinds, °°'**m’.» °*·¤9•d E]¤¤¤» bottles, boxes, signs or other material, except m the case of clubs licensed under this section and hotels l;LnZth‘;¤1g) ::d'::;¤:1' bmwm, which shall be exposed to full view umcmwmchl u£**¤·8'¤W¤Y¤16¤dmgt0thecntrmceoren-