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SIXTY·SEGOND CONGRESS. Sus. IIL Ch. 150. 1913. * HX)3

 intcxicatmg° liuoa·sin theDistrict° ° ° wah w.

out first obtained a as herein provid(;lif}:i·umah‘:ll·'mmnfacture, sell,_ er for sale, keep for sale, trailic in, barter, exchange for . §oods, or ge pway intoxicating liquors in my part, section or ct of District of Columbia wherein the same h rohibited by law,u§)1aconv1ctionthereofshall befinednotlesstban;’250normore ` than _ qndindefaultin thepaymantofsuchiinebeimprisoned in the Qistuct Jul or workhouse for not lass than two months nor more than six months and upon every subsequent conviction for such o£enseshal1,madd1tionto the§nal1ynanned,towit, aiineofnotles tlran§250normorcthan$800 il 1htb.6W0!kl10US00ftll8 Diatnctofllolnrmbianotlessthan monthsnormorethanone YW'- · Pan. 13. That any compan co ratio §"“"*""“"' or clnbhaving obtained a under? section, ’ d my of. its dprlgviswim shall, upon conviction of such violation, be lined notle¤_ _$100normorethan$500,andtheexcbeboardmay, m its discretion, revoke the license; and upon a second conviction of such violanon such licenseeshall be iinednot lés than$200nor morethan$500,andinadditiontosuchfinetheexciseboardshall

 revoke   That upoilrlghe conviction egaatrg “r:¤:u•¤•  

censee o eeping a er or ta place, it shall ;,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,u, duty_of the excise board to revoke the license of such P'*°* convicted licensee, and after such revocation no license shall again . . begranted to lumforsaid placeorelsewhere,norehal1 alicensebe ganted to anyone else for said place for a period of three years from e date of said revocation of 'cense. Pan. 14. That no hcensee under this section shall allow any female mi';},°{_,‘ggL*¤*'•·*°·· or any minor or person convicted of crime, to sell_, give, furnish, or distribute my intoxicating liquors, or any admixture thereof, to any pgson or persons or except m the cases of hotels, restaurants, R•¤¢r¤¤§{$ cn rw! and clu shall permit the playing of pool pr billiards, or-any other '“‘““""‘ ·‘°°‘ games whatever, m the room where such hquors are sold or drunk, or m any adjoming or nntercommumcatinp room; nor shall he, except in the case of hotels, restaurants, and c ubadpernnt the playing of music or theatricals of any kind, or provide o er amusements m his Elaco of business or in connection therewith. Nor shall any barroom uB•rr¤¤¤ r·~¤¤¤• censee establish more than one bar under his hcense, and the sale °"‘ or liquors, except in case of hotels, restaurants, and clubs, shall e co ed to the room in which sand bar is located; nor provide or permit to be used more than one entrance to said barroom from the street, which entrance shall be the one mentioned in his application for license, unless the excise board shall especially permit an extra entrance. Nor shall any! barroom hcensee sell, give, furmsh, or dis- mF¤¤•1¤•¤¤t•¤¤v•¤ tribute any intoxicati%s'%uors to any female, nor permit my female to enter or remain in arroom: _ rounded, That bona li e_guests éW¤_ of hotels, restaurants, and clubs having a to sell mtomcatmg liquors may be served with liquors at meals in such hotels, restaurants, and clubs d e timeqlguor may he sold: _ Provided That no place be deem a restaurant within the meaning o R'-’°“"""* this paragraph until the same shall have been declared such by action of the excise board. _ _ mn H Pm. 15. That all applicants who have had a license during the “°'* ° ‘°°”"* precedi year who so esnre shall apply for a renewal of such license _ on or bglgire the first day of September of each_hcense year: Prcmdegl, gggé, M in M That in the avant of the death of a person having a hcense under this emma. section during a license year there shall be refunded to the personal representative of the deceased such amount of the license fee in proggrtion to the unexpired part of the license year: Proqidcd further, Pmmbo at the minimum portion of said fee to be retamed for any portion of the license year, irrespective of its proportion to the entire