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1(I)2 SIXTY~SEOOND CONGRESS. HL. Ch. 150. _ 1913. h " " th 'tionthsrefo. Schbookshall beopen £.’§I.°@ g‘,."“"..n..‘2.".¤’1‘;‘;'%..“é’ ¤..s. ».§...,“¤ .¤..u t. in fm. substantially as follows: In- 'D“·_ Nance!. mid-__ Puget 1,** Nance! Bipatursct ` P I Sl'ldb00kSl1 llO0dbd0!Gtl\B8X¢lB6b0Ifd0I'tlI.BOOUfhB staerpuanenarwhenrequired: _' _,_Thatp¤1regrainaIccholma besoldwithout a physiL;ian’a_prescr1ption fc: mechamcal, and scientific registered druggrsts or harmac shall keep a

thep1u·poseof suIchsalesiui.similarmauueror

formasrequired orthe otintcxicating asprovidedinthh “§_¤¤jg_';;g& 'gseetion: Providedt{°urther, Thatanyperson shallmakoan `fahe num;. statepgentasto purposeormeofalcoholpmchaseduncgrths &cv1sionsofthissectionshall be §ofamisdemsancrand iiuedforeachcffensenotmorethan ,andindefaultof the payment of such fine imprisoned in the workhome of said wm, Dmtrict thexceeding tlurty . . 1•¤¤¤y¤r·:¤“$.b' Anydlrzggistorpharmacist vzhoahallsellordispense any intoxi-

 except in such wer as   in this secltlionfunnr

o or to keep : , or {dill au;lpre:hc$>ti&1i, or who violate any othagr provisiovrls of this paragra , guilttioo illegal selling an upon conviction RW I, thereofshall be b' tto penaltnesprescnbod patagra thel ••¤aa¤n°£.°°°°° of this slllylgia second convictron for saidm ense, Illlpkdflgtlgx to the penalties prescribed nn sand parngrsgh twelve, it shall be a art cfthejudgmentofgzouvnctnonthat e censeofsuchdruggislgor Eléarmmnst to practice pharanacy shall he revoked, and the court ore wh1ch_auch person ns trgedand convicted shall cause a certified eq'Zof's¤eh;ndginentofconv1ctiontobecert1’1iedto theboardha ' g)lw•;1r{)tytemsuehcensestopract1cepharmacyin theDktric:x$ rmannuaempnr “· . . . . . . .4.4... rue sm Any physmm shall rescrxbe any mtoncating li o t §,,"‘{f·‘£°""‘;’& for treatment of disease which, after his own dpereonal dizgzloggcge . shall deem to require such treatmengshall be eemedsguiltyofamisdemeanor, and upon convxctron thereof shall be fin not less than §50 nor more than $200,_•nd rn default of payment of said Eno shall be mm H a M H. 05 workhouse foiénot less than thirty

  • "°",m D nor 01*6 , an n a n ’ ‘
.,2 ·· :%.:,_r.. nm.} to tl., am.»y“f°60v. $nn°f’£'2%“b.?°§ ,2*.;*

_ ludgrnent o conviction that the Incense of such hymcian to

   be revoked, and the court before whi& such phy-

El¢ll!1l8£1'lBd_llld convwted sha.llcauseace1·¤fiedcopyofsuch]udgnzeut of ccnvlctnonxto be certxfied to the board ha authority to ..m·e-·.·.·:.:,·:: “‘i=‘i.€°°“‘“c n“2."'.t.§“‘?,$;.‘,i‘.£?‘° ”‘°“*.§.,°‘,.°‘§l“'“*"‘* ' ,.,}:3 ° . . ’ . on 2 - 1 °"‘“"“° glubgaaln- association manuf•cturmg, se§n;?Poil'ering fel; or , traflicking m, bartering, exchanging for goods, or otherwise