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1010 SIXTY-SECOND ooucnnss. sas. III. cs. 157. 1913. ' the State f Ohio ne condemned bronze ‘°"""`°"“` T°"‘°°""°‘B°°$°*‘“ and . .t.." ta ...a.* ° a ...0.. 11.., or brass cannon or piece . mnuvna, ra To the city of J aeksonville, in the State of Florida, two condemned bronzeorbrascannonorfialdpieceaandasuitablsoutlito cannon may ; · Graenbrk lIihtary° Acad tLewisburg in theState of ¢yg$”§glh°"w° wg télouginia, tworcondemned brolggdr brass cannon or neldpieces ` smta° bl tht of cannon balls; . - um¤¤·.V*· mdt courlmbflhamoille intbeStateofVermont,twoc0ndemned To the ty , . f brouraze or brass cannon oriieldpieces and absmtable outfit o cannon ba ; . . Maria V°*¤· theU ` ofUtahatSaltLabCrty,11itheStateoflItah, °'%w° fum tvgibondem-dxrblrtgnm or brass cannon or iieldpieces and a smtable outfit of cannon balk; . 3 unyimy ¤•¤•- To the University of Colorado at Boulder, m the State of Colorado, "°°* '“°' tw dmnedbronzeorbrasscannonoriieldpxecesandasuitable ., Villlih °u':l"é:0t;l?e°'t·ofV'ugma;° in theStateofMinnesota onecondemned Uhm. s tmYre¤»°i.g¤am¤¤6rsempaeema.s¤ratneursterem¤0n balls; · . ` orgs, of theStateoflIimo¤r1,onesmallbronze M carriage and six cannon balls; ed ¤•r¤¤."¤~ TotheeityofBerlm,mtheStateofW‘meonsm,twocondemn bronze orbrasseannonorieldpaeces, and asmtable outfit ofcannon balls; _ . . · {$,°;·,,,, I, To the city of AEM, in the State ofGecE, certain bronze can- `and cann and at arsenal at Mu &!drgia,tobel•1l1oiunted¢;n;ithers¤deot€lBtb§ mMemorml ridge ‘ ° 't a m a e 0 A¤··¤¤»*•¤- B m thsvgabf (Adidas 0lSll1SCtl’»S, for the adornment of the Trib? ello the State armdry in that town, one condemned bronze or glass cannon or iieldpiece, with its carriage and a suitable outlit of cam; balls· . “"°"` T°0l1‘*° S*".*?..g..,°‘ A’“‘3.°‘?.'°°·l"'»Zi"..‘° °{..'Z’°?°a°°“L‘.$“t.¤°’.°‘1l»§’§$; ' h th ' an wi sui a ou o _ _ lbltbe irldrullled and used in the State capitol grounds m the city of PI1oenix· · ’ . or • me P ’ Mili Acad Ch l to , South Carolma, two

 ...2*.. 35*3 ...“;3’I.   tit? ..3.. ... ... c...

balls, the same to be used on the campus of Porter Military Academy, at Charleston, South Carolina; mv °°'¤*¥· “*- To the county of Clay, instliei State o , condgmnieg b ieces, wi eir an wx E.’&‘l?.3.°§...l.'2°%FZ§.‘{L‘.‘;i;.¤:% 5... ?. ..3;.. .°"$F“.1 ..,..4 i.. th rt wn 0 Pgggo ; _ Svmmrt Hm. Pi- lc?) o;Sumlmit Ielill, in the tate of Pennsylvama, for the °""°‘°"’ ’°"‘ use of the E. T. Conner Post, Numbered One hundred and seventy- seven, Grand Army of thezhliegublic, two condeimned brolgze ortgrasi cannon or Eeldpieces, wi eir carriages an a suita e ou t o balls; ‘ ¤•”~*¤°"· '“· caqldotllie city of Baltimore, in the State of Maryland, one small bronze cannon or Eeldpiece, with its carria§e and six cannon balls; s¤¤r¤¤¤¤¤¤.¢•1- To the city and couwy of San rancisco, State of California, for the use of the Pioneer omen’s Cabin, in Golden Gate Park, in said city and county, one condemned bronze or brass cannon or fieldpiece, with in carriage and suitable outiit of cannon balls; gdlgri Lmmbn To the city of Selliy, in the State of South Dakota, for the use of y John Mangan_ Post, umbered One hundred and fifty, Grand Army of the Republic, two condemned bronze or brass cannon or iieldpieces, with their carriages arid a suitable outfit of cannon balls;