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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sis. III. Ch. 157. 1913. . 101]. wi'£l`!:>_ttl:e of Shegield, nbc State nf Alabama, a bronze cannon, “•¤•¤· Ma 1 carnage no need or reeen serv1ce· To Princeton,Po•t, Numberes One hundred and eleven, Grand g*:g¤¤·K¤· Army of the Republic, of Princeton, Kamas for ornamental purposes, Ar"' ’°“ one tznllgye-pounder orlmlarger cannon lplrhtieldpiece, together with its moun or mx cann · _ To donate two grouse or braesmguns th the Stanton Monument. ¤••¤¤=¤*¤¤•»0¤b· Association, Ohio, new at Chic Bark, w were ism: kama Chattanooga National underothe rovisitons ofm hlct "°‘· "·* °"'* of Conprm approved August eighteen hunldred and ninety-two ;` · eb".] °r“m“ ‘.¥°.r}’.'°&"" td? &';,*t£° "· S· “°€K.°.‘“a.¤’ ".°°‘· *·#‘*·'·*‘·i“#>··¤»·· per, ami., which JE`; aan e at .»m..‘I:£i%K£. of no ME mauga and Chattanooga National Military Park under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved August fifth, eighteen hundred and V¤\- Mmm mnet ··two· . Toxhe Lieutenant David H. Nisley Poet, Numbered Four hundred §°,§,'§§ and seventy-ought, Grand Army of the Republic, of Mount Joy, Penn- l gglvania, two condemned bronze or bras cannon or Eeldpieces, with eu- carriages, and a suitable outfit of cannon balls; ‘ A To the cingdof Tarkinilintsthe State ofplhlissoun, onnngngall bronze ""“°·“°· cannon or piece, wi 1 c an six cannon · To the municipality of Goshen, New Yorlr, two condemnbd bronze °"'°°°’ Nm or brass cannon, same to be placed within the county courthonse grounds m_connection with a monument in memng of men who died m the service of the United States durigthe ’Ci War; ‘ _ To the Weston Chapter, Da tem of the American Rev- m¤@ elution Society, of Machias, m—the State of Meme, three condemned bronze or brass cannon or Heldpieces, with their and with suitable outfit ofcannon balls, the same to be nioun nam by direction of the Weston Chafpter, Daughters of ' can Revolution Society, in the_ towns o Maclnas and Machmsport; To the town of Fincastle, Virgima, two cannon or iielodipieces with "”°‘*‘°· "* their carriages, to be mounted on either side of the Conf _ crate monument in the said town of Fiucastle, the State of Virgmia· _ _To the town_ of Cumberland, Virginia, two cannon or iieldpiecee °°'°"""°‘·"* with their qarrmges not needed for present service to_be mounted on eitgingnniide nh ti§r;8ce¤§e{1,empe_ monvment m the said town of , m e t o 11`g1!118' _To the town_of Buckitbgham, two cannon or iieldpiecgi B I ° 'v°` with_then· eamages not needed for present service to moun gn either side oththsn Confpdnrate monument m the said town of. ucl¤n° gham, in e tate irginia; To the Grand Arm of the Republic Association of Painted Post, E°rl.'£»ii°.·?$!.l3: in the State of New YYork, two bronze or brass iieldpieces or cannon, °"“°'* with their carnafes and outiit of cannon balls; _ To .the city o Savannah in the State of two bronze or ”“""“"·°* brass cnnnons, with a suitable outfit of cannon , the same to be placed m a_publ1cIpark or square m said city; _ ‘ Pmhme G b To the c1ty of tlsmbrok4%lBryx£ Crninty, Gong, ttgro bronngs an · '· canno wi 'ta t cann , e same . plaaggd in agbblic atlingr sqdai: in the towrludf Pembroke, Georgia; To the c1ty of S)y1vania, in the State of Geo , two bronze or ¤vi¤¤¤G= brass cannons, with a suitable outfit of cannon , the same to be · · QE

  • ’1’F°‘H,{.” “ ’€“bh? hi'? “`*““’° ‘?tZ“§l££.”é; www . .. em ¤=··»·»···· M-

ci 0 e an, m . W · ' demtired (bronze or brassy¢§z.nnon or fieldpieces, and a suitable outfit of cannon balls;