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1018 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS.- sm 111. ce. ies. ima. I·‘¢'**'°**· T tru t d a t vessel for the Southwest Pass “°"“""""**" m¤¤?m°;?m Z°1.e 1 •z • cost me ep exceed $125,000. xmnunuu. umm uemuouan DIBTIBICT. . Nav¤tI:hnd,W.I. Iight station on Navassa Island, in the West-Indies, ata cost not PM M0 r ouse urposu 8ppl'0X11Dl. one- acre 0 ' “¢¤*•*•· wgxurch $1?5,01?hth of tel half f uirddltgslnhlluul. land in this viiginity of the hghthouse reservation at§’0rt Ferro Light Station, Porto R100, for the purpose of constructing a vvaters ed and cistern, and the a propr1ation_"General l-Jéghthouse Service," for th yetsfe m which the piurpm is ected, is hereby e av or purchase_ o sax si . mmcwes rmun uoumovsn msrmor. oem. R t rebu11dmg` and vement of the aids to navi-

 gati 1ila Harbor, bhio, a1l.n£]d,ost not to exceed $5,000.

§.'f'•·_?';"§L°"*"· Removal, reconstruction, and improvement of the fog-sgml sta- Om tion at Clevglpnd, Ohgp, at a cost riot to exceed to mh, . light station an improvemen an navigau“’m' tion at I;:ain(§-srgr, Ohio, at a cost not exceed $35,000. ¤¤v¤¤=<1•=¢r¤» nnnvmvru uemnousn msriuur. · M~1¤¤¤. Wh Additional aids to navigation at Ashland, Wisconsin, st a cost not to exceed $25,000. · _ owe. wa. A pierhead light and buoy at Oconto Harbor, w·1SC0l1Bll.\,· atacostnottoexceed$5, . ' 'Pl¤l¤·hdB¤'i¤¢~ rwzarm uournovsn msrarcr. ‘““"*"*"°·""# Ihtablishm t faidstons'ationin theharb<>rofManistiu, pwm Michigan, at slice; not to exce2ig$20,000. q 0 suamuaae-nu. six•rnnm·¤ uoxrmovsm DIBTRI01'. gg ¤•*¤* me ht df signalatornearCapeSaintElias,A1aska ataeoet New •¤·¤¤¤- noljti 15,000. , ¤•v•¤¢·¤¤¤¤¤¤¢¤**~ snvnirrnnwru uomuousz DI8’l'l.IUl'. 1’¤s** ¤¤¤¤¤· °*°= Aids to ation and im rovemeuts of existing aids in Puget "Eii So1m0¢50andna:’d§gmmt waters, ghshington, at a cost not to exceed $3*% · . . . H‘•;g¤:*t_tR;>:1k·°¤~ Improvement of Warrior Rock Ligit Station Columbus River, ` Oregonk including the purchase of ad tional land, at a cost not to exceed 2,000. sm2·¢··¤¢¤¤¤¤*¤*~ mouruxrn uexrmousn msrmcr. ¤’°*°‘ ·'"°’“•°‘L dT thorize the com lotion of the imiinished rtion f th Go - RM to umming emrgehlt road from_ Rssllldrville to the Point Aren£0Lightli)ouse? Maz- N rm F I, dogino ICEIEOILQQEQ at al cpst not {tlc $3,000. N ,__;*C_,_ oresa h1%a au 0g—s1gn s ononornear 01111 ' Farall Island, ahforma, $100,000. .m·g*jf“°¤*’“¤° P"' Hergidizer the purchase of necessary additional land for light stations and depots 18 authorized under rules prescribed by the Secre- %¤%'m tary of Commerce and Labor: Provided, That no single acquisition S gnu to `be M of iluch sgdditionglh land %1B.u cost in excess of $500. “ . 8,,,,,.i ere ter sup `es an uipment for s `al ks f th htxk- mm house Service may be furneiished from genldgg sm and the.? dplgro-