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SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. St. III. Cas. 168-170. 1913. 1019 riation "Generel expenses thouse Scviee " reimbursed therd Lg d’°[;‘:P;itg;°·:l’PmPli:u®:;0f special or , y con GUID plies matuialg , mann, or land can not blnlsufitably used giiipthe work of the “E"?l'·f*°· Service the same be appraised end·sold_ either by ed roposals for the purchase of the same or lgopublie auction after nigertasement of the salafor such time as in judgment of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor thepublicinterestsrequire, theproceedsof °¤¤**•*¤\» suchsaleqafterthepaymentthererfromof theexperisesof °°d°' the sales, to be deposited md covered into the Treasury— ` laneous receipts as now provided for by law in like casa. Approved, March 4, 1913. _ ‘ V GEL?. —An gugrd .,,;.;;,4* ~ '· mw-N _ ` .}.?:..i*$.§Z1..:i‘>."..$‘w. ...£'tt°‘.E“.."£’*..:.,·· .,,..;’°:‘. 572%%% . Hay eleventh, mneteen hundred and twelve. - B¢i¢enadedbyt7•cSeaateandH0u•c .qf¢he Umled S!al¢t¢jAmerica·in0o1ig¤·ese %'hatt]; nlpamio Brvlcpauas of May eleventh, nineteen hundred twelve, £ Egby amendzli; •¤f*"' m' °""°` `stngngoutsnacfliionivemdaddinginlieu thereofanewsection,,se as read 0 : . ‘ " Sec. 5.·'tl‘l1at izsshnll be the $13 of the Commissioner of Pensions, ,¤‘°°"'“m °' v¤·¤• as eacnoeygpgaition for rsesnaion th under this Act is adjudicated, to cause p areco_ wing name length fserv1ce' , and of each claimant, the monthly rate 0% pogrrlent grarfted to or bydhiniihmélsctgile coxmty atx;lnS£ate of inepidence; ta:i¤i.u1sht•;ll dnt the ·r•¤¤nu¤. en o e ear mne un an ourteen · ~ ords so obtainedhy States and counties, and to furnish certified {ghexof npon doiniignd and paymenzng sucthh fee therefor m is provndqi aryid .f;'..‘}f.f.i... .$°.l’$T.?f‘§..L°$‘Ld..‘.'i.. X..‘Z’E.°§`L*§Z§.1’.2€.i ..i$.i‘..‘$i ,.2-,,-;-.e-•, ··m take n e e is own e hi¤“g¤ ° Sh“§iZ.§2 ”3.“S°.Z"m°}.1§’$“2£“£$‘§ .?¤l"’l.i'i°J.`i°i’i‘ *" l’£’““i°“§' Ed °""°""w"°“"° aforesaid record to have attained the age rovided by this Acgas e basis of rating: Provided, That where a has been heretofore {.°',,,°{'§§;. hm, adjudicated and the record therein does not suiciently establish the oy NS; date of birth of the soldier or sailor pensioner nothing herein shall ` prevent such further investiintion as is deemed necessary in order to establish a upon whic future lgncreaseglof Etc ulnder Act, mah M umm on accounto van age,ma possi e e t '“ _ advance automaticallgynaie rate of pension, as3>rovided8(ior mamma", Act, without unnecessary expense to the pensioner? Approved, March 4, 1913. B§"§:§.é;lgg—Arr Ant To the crmstruction of a bridge acres Twelve Mile [ @3*2j*j I PB , 0. 455. - B`tnacled ¢heS¢endH Re muzi zhevued Statjszn? Amerga _·in a. , 'lehiist th;;§:>l)i{>e jur; of §gg°£',§‘·§;{‘& Caddo arish Louisiana, be, and is hereby, author to construct, my bruise maintain, and operate anlbrgirie acrosiTwe1§voldM1le Bayou in Cadgo P'h,Lo" , te as ine 0 ata ointsuitae tomtlie integesszsngf gldvigation, in accordance theiprovisions of the Act entitled "A.n Act to regulate the construction 0 bridges over vm. :4. p. se nagigable waters," approved March twenty-t.h1rd, nineteen undred mS;d?;2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal, is hereby ·¤¤¤¤¤¤¤·¤*— expressly reserved. Approved, March 4, 1913.