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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. Rus. 8, 9. 1913. 1023 [No. 8.] Joint Remlntien To enable the of the Senate and the Clerk f Fo the Home of Beprunntati th · ° lnl.r”'"ia` ,..r.. .,. ..,. PM., .. 2.:: azz. Seam"., .rm .‘:§..‘$‘t2.‘.Z*3‘.“‘*""‘.»,..¤°$ Resolvedbyt7aeSena.te andHous Representatives ·‘ States g America in Congress asserrdfleldf That to enable gedgcrqezffg ..L'“"""' °°'°"‘°' of the ate and Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay the *PP¤P¤·¤·¤ far necessagy expenses of the inaugural ceremomes of the President of the §¤°i¤=¤¥° °°|°°°l °' United_t{.1ates&1 March fourth, ninetisenul;im';°dr‘$)m;1hthirteenbi(1? accordancewr suc progamasma e J'; mm]° of the Senate and ouse of Rey§·esentii.i.)ives, r;>poiirte)dmunder a dots: Pmpelu current resolution of the two ouses, including the pay for extra, pohce for days, at $3 per day, there rs here y_ appropriated, out of any money m e Treasury not otherwise appropriated $25,000, or so thereof as may be necessary, the same to be immediately av e. Approved, February 3,'1913. [lie. 9.] Joint Resolutiondtutheriaing granting pamits to the committee OD IDSUQIHII CGIBIDODI OQQI uga]! Pg;] 1..;;- March fourth, ninetceuwhtiiiidred and ttlllirtlvecn, gd so forth? of the mt decum [Y¤b~ NM N°· *9-] Resolved by the Senate and House Representati the U {ted States of America in Congress assernbkllf That the Seisetgy of Var is }’,§’f}';‘,{§‘§°{y;*;”‘_; hereby authorized to gr·ant permits, under such restrictions as he may Present deem necessary, to the committee on inaugural ceremonies for the use eaigdriamragadiwm of any reservations or other public spaces in the city of W n under his control on the occasion of e inauguration of the ent elect on the fourth day of March, nineteen hundred and thirteen, rovided that in his opinion no serious or permanent injuries be thereby inflicted uplon such reservations or public spaces or statuary thereon; and the ommissioners of the District of Columbia may °¤*•*•·•*¤¤¤••·•*¤~ designate for such and other purposes on the occasion aforesaid suc_ streetsi aveapes, and sidewalks in saiddcity of Washilngtonerénder their hm tro ma em roeran necess zromd Jaowever, °·~n '(l`(llht allagandg or platfhrmspthst may_be erectfdyon the public spaces aiciwvm °{°°°°°°‘ aforesaid shall be under the supprvnsron of the said maugural committee and in accordance with the plans and designs to_be approved by the Engipeer£1p 0ner of (pho Distinct ogCto1lun§bra, thecgiglicez o c dmgs an un s an e u rm en D gi he liaauslmsmes capim1Bc11§i:g and Grounds: Xia pmsaea ..?.1“2J!‘ ‘ ""’° further, That the reservagpns or pvzglic spa;3 azctphpred bythael stantgs th structures promp resto err origin con lic; bgl-ore such occupation, and that the inaugural committee shall indemnify the War Department for an damage of any lund whatsoever upon such reservations or spaces of such uso. _ W M ""h__d Sec. 2. That the Commissioners of _ District of are euearmmimma hereby authorized tnfpermxtthe committee on_11lum1natmn_of the inau ral committee or the maugural ceremomes, March, nmeteeu huncgled and thirteen, to stretch suitable overhead conductors, with sufficient sr1ppo1;LtsJ1vhereverrtiecessi’u1·;*, ithigeaaegt lpgactrcabtl? hmm ’ resen su o , rpms ,,,,.,,,,,· M gglgggfngotrlrevgldd illulinlhationz Pgovrded, That if it shall be necessary Bu {mh to erect wires for illuminatmfg or other purposm over any park or reservation in the District o Columbia, the work of erection and removal of said wires shall be under threnswuapervmon of the efficral in Tm uml charge of said ark or reservation: P ed further, That the said conductors shall, not be used for the conveying of electrical currents