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1024 · SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. sm. III. Ras. 9. im. after March eighth nineteen hundred and thirteen, and shall, with their supports, be fully and entirely removed from the streets and avenues of the said of Washington on or before March fifteenth, _,§f*•*¥ P'°°•°“°¤’· nineteen hundred thirteen: And provided further, That the stretching and removing of the said wires shall be under the suupervision of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, who sha see that the provisions of this resolution are enforced; that all needful precautions are taken for the protection of the lpeublic; and that the . pavement of any street, avenue, or alley distur d is replaced in as N mmm go:} condition as beforgm upon thedwork herein authpripedz °°¤’°""D,m,,` A promded' further no expense or amage on accoun 0 or hu"' L due to the stretching, operation, or removmf said temporary - grlgrhead fcgnldliigrors shall be incurred by United States or the ` trict o o ia. ' ’·°'”,,,_,,,°‘,,,,**'·‘ °‘°·· Sec. 3. That the Secre of War and the Secre of the Navy hr be, and theyarehercbyu:vnthorizedtoloanto ttee on inauggral ceremonies such ensigns, flags, and so forth, belonging to the vemment of the United States (except battle flags) that are not now in use and magobe suitable and proper for decoration and may, in their judgment, spared without detriment to the public service, suchiiags to beusedrnconnectronwithsaidcereuroniesbysaidconrmittee imder such regulations and restrictions as may be prescribed by thesaidSecretar·ies, oreitherof them, iudecolrxsggthefronts of ublic buildings and other gm on the line of between ~·····~ §2H*‘°pE “““£‘°n]i.i°r°i‘¤“{5° { eL.‘§s‘Bdm@r“**° i"‘°"°¤.L,,.' Ofignthale .."§3,?§‘ i 1 “¤ ° 1 1 8 1 Hmm"` and so forth, to said committee shall not take place prior to the twenty-fourth da of February, and shall be returned by the ,‘§‘_"°"“‘“’ ‘°' °‘“"‘ tenth day of Ma.r&, nineteen hundred thirteen: Providcd_fArther, That the said committee shall indemnify the said departments or M-·* ~·¤·=~ i’§%§..‘f£Li.‘Z=‘1.’{I;i““irl2?ti’§ sm"““1€°;y“5r“iv°Z`r?.?E°er2§§2$““’ rama to loan to the inaugural committee, for the {purpose of caring for the sick, injured, and infirm on the occasion o the inauguration of the President of the United States, March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, such hospital tents and camp sppliances and other necessaries, hospital furniture, and utensils of descriptions, ambulances, horses, drivers, stretchers, and Red Cross flags and les belonging to the Government of the United States as in his jucgnent may be nn ,0 mk spared and are not in use by the Government at the time of the inaurp. ’ guration: And further, That the inaugural committee shall indemnify the ar Department for andy loss or damage to such Bond hos ital tents and ap Iiances as aforesai not necessarily incident to ' such use: And provulzd fuajther, That the said inaugural committee shag] gtgc bond, with security satisfactory to the Secretary of War, to 0 e same. ,,f,;§‘p°§‘,_f§{,§,°d'f¤"’“ Sec. 4. That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia be, and they are hereby, authorized to permit the Western Union Tele- Eraph Company and the Postal Telegraph Com any to extend overead wires to sucllinpomts along the hne_of parade as shall be deemed by the chief mars convenient for use in connection with the parade “°‘“°'“· and other inaugural p , the Said WINS to be taken down within ten days after the con on of the ceremonies on the fourth day of March, nineteen hundred and thirteen. Approved, February 3, 1913.