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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Rss. 10-13. 1913. 1025 1 [N°·t:%2i<;l¤t To smmt Gray a member ot the Board R I Hm gw S and H B _ an _ [P¤b.Res.,No.§.] Stain of America in ¢$;,:n¤(g’4d,¢q:ll;t thevzagmcy in fhg m§·gy¤¤¤¤¤ mu- Board of Regents of the mithsonian Institution, in the class other 6••`r¥• Gr-: nvthan Members of Congress, shall be filled by the reappointment of °°°°°°° George Gray, a citizen of Delaware. ’ Approved, February 7, 1913. ,..%*2;, %‘.§.°‘“.¤..§‘ *‘?°°"L€?.."I‘:.f?’“""“%. ,..i.W..€’.°$‘.°¥.‘*’r...°‘ ""£ 2*.}.%*.2 °°‘“"0.d.L.2°?§.* &‘¥?"¤’-f¥é· Nobleaottheliylsc tobeheldatDaI1as,Texae, inMay,niiueteenhuudred [?¤b.1u•.,Ne.·n.l andtbinen. - Resolved by the Senate and House R mlati the United sam at iii: me gsflcrgftary of wu- ,,;*,5,*;*-···¤·¤¤· be, an_ he i hereby, authorized to loan, at his discretion, to the 1¤•¤¤H·¤m•¤¤i,:r uecutnve committee `of HeIla_Temple of the Ancient Arabic Order of '°'°°°"° the Nobles of the Mystic Shrme, at Dallas, Texas, in charge I the arrangemenm for the meetingiof the imperial council o said order, to be hel in Dallas, Texas, in ay nineteen hundred and thirteen, such btgnts, with polgs, ridgesnragix pins for each, as ma. uireda sax mee : rounded, noexpenseahall uv-,. be gauseilluihe United States Government by the delivery and return N° of such property, the same to be delivered to said executive committee of Hella Temple at such time prior to the date of such meeting as may be agreed u n by the Secretary of War and Mike H. Thomas, chair- Bm man of saidpgxecutive committee: Providedfurther, That the Secre- '°"°'"L tig of War shall, before delivering such property, take from said e H. Thomas a and sufficient bond or the safe return of said property in order and condition .the whole transaction to be without ex use to the Government of the United States: Pro- uw at mnt-•_

, 'Fliat hereafter no loan of tents shall be made excepxt to •n•¤•¤ia•¤..

the rand Army of the Republic and the United Confederate eterans. Approved, March 2, 1913. ggo. 12.] Joint Reolntion Stopping trahc and‘prsventing.intaferencs with the [:§'Y%°,,f=&) pmcxlmh [Pub. Bee., No. 7l.l Resolved ¢7wB•mate ndHou•cqf ¢haUn€tsd mu, Bums ¢y'A1iz·ic¤ in Gonggese augmbkd, t the auplfrifntendent of ___r¤:n;'°é;% police of the District of Columbia be, and he is here y, directed to uma aa dbg stop all the ordinary traiiic and travel, including the operation of g;j¤¤¤· ¥¤•¤ street railroads, alo Pennsylvania Avenue from the Peace Monument to Seventeenlfg Street between the hours three and five postmeridian, on Monday, the third day of anno Domim nineteen hundred and thirteen, and to prevent any interference with the suffrage proccnion on that date. Approved, March 2, 1913. . . . . . . _ maxim ¤£“Z°mw¤‘ “‘l ’°.’32§.i°”y¤a"S°?; i§°..a»a¤m““”‘ '°'°$°""¤.m"3Vn“$‘€i°.{d‘§‘;‘;.*;;,¤...“‘“‘”““ sm, ...»-lP[¥;;;fNjf1;_‘ I . 3,,,,;,,,,; Senate nd H R eeentati the United . Sum of Am in Congress ,c'Hist_ the vyixiogisions of an ??`:{•:•i=7¤¤l:f Act of Congress approved April fifteenth, nmeteen hundred and ‘