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1026 SIXTY ·SEOON`D CONGRESS. Sis. III. Rss. 13, 14. 1913.

  • “*“¤¤·‘“*¤••‘·twelve, authorizing the of time to make

bwad I: payments - . · . emu nam••¤••e• yments of certain moneys homestead entrymen u n the ·**?**···*¤*“"~*•”· 8:eurd’Alene mam use-¤u¤`g·m tuesauamaue, beegsnded ' and held to a plytopaymentsthatbecameduepriorto the assage of the Act under the same conditions that apply to payments hemm- ?*·v~¤¤~ ing due ernment to the pamage of the law. 'I‘hat nothing harem contained affect any valid adverse claim iniiated prior to the passage of this resolution. ' Approved, March 3, 1913. \ . . ""‘**·m*· o.14. IointResol¤ti:¤P¤wadng" itudmadzmcnnmihnnintbsinves

   of? rural credits in Europa. · `

?•¤¤**•~ WlisreastheDepsrtmentofStateofthsUnitedStatesdetailed upon 1 the application of the Southen 0ommu·eial0mgresa, David In in, American delegate to the International Instituto of Agriculture Rome, Italy, to direct aconferencson under the auspices of theSouthernCo11nner¢:ial0ong!¤ in ashville, Tennessee, April Brat to sixth; and Whereaetwenty-sever1Stateswere representedthrough delegates in the conference; and _ _ _ fw Wherem resolutions was nnuumuuslp adopted provnding an Acrigiericmlpéommhémdtogoahmd orthaiaivestigationotrural its in urope; an ’ _ · · Whereas the Southern 0omme1cialC<mgr¤ will send theoommision abroad, composed of all States of the United States, to report to the International Institute of Agriculture (which under treaty is supported by the Government of the United States), atthetimsoftbemeetingofthsGe11sralAssemnblyof theInternational Institute of Agriculture, May, nineteen hundred and thirteen: Therefore be it . Reaolvedby theSenal¢a1•dHm1seof vesoftIw United ¥°§!,,,,jli•:*§$¤•_;¤`gr·*,g_ States of Ameriea in Congress assembled at the Secretary of State as ummmmv be authorized and requested to bespealr for the proposed American “2••z.|:.'?L°°°‘ commission to investigate the European systems of rural credits the diplomatic courtesies of the various European Governments. Approved, March 4, 1913.