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( 90 ~ SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. H. Cas. 87-90. 1912. ‘» _... ‘ ’ th A {J twenty I A _ _¤¤ai·.s·: An.:dct l?1nbo£?;¤nnot e ctc une -s•eend, tr¤w¤.¤¤-ml _ . . ··~¤·····¤;_ ,,, s£°&°?e; smmgn 0.».;ZlQ.H£°{;}.%a“n.¤ unmsgizdi gubhek ¤..2.*‘.".,‘2";.».t 1ma¤a.¤¤aa¤$;;¤1 aeponemwesaeer uanamswmcn arenow °'"{"" """°° being wi%:eld m homestead entry under the provisions of the Act r;;·”··P·"· entitled ‘ of tl: exeludenthe g the ti - ws latnng nune appro tgorld`, hundred Tad eighty-thrne, may bé entered under the homestead laws of the pnited snb]eot to the provislpus, terms, '°*-*!· P- "· conditions, and limitations prescribed in the Act entitled An Act to provide for agricgltgdmégntigexn coal lands,” approved June twenty- . _ second, nineteen u an n. . Approved, April 23, 1912. An¤£&·l%¤» CHAP. 88.-A.u Act Granting school lands to the State of Louisiana. lP¤hl\c•U•»#¥- Be it enacted theSmatemadH 0 of the United P¤b¤c1¤¤¤- I States of aimegoa in Gmgruo That all the unsurveyed

$li°i°$•”°°°.a°$°.¤°‘ lands in the State of Louisiana which are shown b odicial protrachon

u red P {,6 . .

  • ,•¤¤,¤°.,•.“¤*°‘°‘ ‘° of tthe Governn.1&1t_survey·$nemtof¢;‘re m?le to within

‘ nmbe sixteen which e in e same wnshn as lands Y¤Li.b.¤¤¤. svschiclinlgngve been certitied nur patlnnted in under_ the‘AAn: ' March teen undred - e i *~· S**""·Z§*“Ii*·‘~—····~‘ ‘ 2:..m ¤ .,··»e`Z.T`;°`·-·.·:· MM; ven, p.5l$. q ee gpprov Sepmnber y eng n uu titled ‘An Act to enabl the Stab of and other gftzzdsctlo reclaim swamp lands within their_1imits,” be, and the same are hereby, fixed, reserved, and confirmed to that State for the benefit of public schools the ohcnal surveys had been regularly exte over su ps. Approved, Alltil 23, 191.2. "’F?i?#’*ii“` 1.. »,°§.€a3°.T»?“.$.?‘,&%’?.?‘I$$Z."s°{¤‘£.?°€$.“*,;?..‘?' "°"“°""""'“"’°'°' [venues m. Q Bee1mact¢d_byt]acScnat¢a1•dHoa•eo1Repv·¢aent•uivcaqf¢he United '““°"°“· Suda of America m Gongrua , That the southeast quarter lay leans tnct fw . . . . . my; 1:-Lgir ¤¤¤ and the southwest quartierémsectnon thirty-su, toninsflinp eighteen ' rthrauget west;an southeastquarteran tesoutheast v 01. mm- lm gfihargsr of theedlortheast qugilter, secggn sixteen, lgggnshinksesventeer;} ' west, in un , to the tat ?°"··*i¤¤*°.*z.:·i”°l.2;..“¤·¤°.;¤·&¤:;P°·°s adage: mh M3: xvii ati as me o t said tate rescri for iaudblic-park purgasm for such term as said Ildgislature ma;.%;, anything in the ena hug act of said State to the contrary notwithstandmg' . Approved, April 24, 1912.

 i.°..’§t.‘2zh°é’1.T.§‘:..%°§£2¤’££’&‘1°i§°fi§.3’°..¤..°‘ R, ‘1‘*”‘¤°“L...““..l"‘“°“' "°" °’°'°

—.;. mn-. [Public,No.132.] _ _ Be it enacted t}wSemateandHouse R aeentaf ¢keU `ted ·,,_:,"§,’_;:° ”‘“°“'* States of AmerZ;Za_ in Congress aseemigd, Ht whgggg in of ugzecicééervicu in war, or when war IS imminent, the President may deem the cooperap.m,p_;i;y_ tion and use of the American National Red Cross with the sanitary services of the land and naval forces to be necessary, he is authorized to accept the assistance tendered by the said Red Cross and to employ