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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sma; II. Cue. 90-92. 1912. 91 the same under the services of the Army and Navy in conformity with such rules an regplations as he may prescribe. ` Sec. 2. That when the Red ss cooperation and assistance with ,,,$",_’3,§,°‘,*}f,,”',,,',{ the land and naval forces in time of waror threatened hostilities shall ·¤~¤¤¤•· have been accepted by the President, the rsonnel entering upon the duty specified in section oneof th:lsAct shg while proceeding to their pelace of duty, while wm thereat, and while returnin6 therefrom, transported and subs` at the cost and charge of the nited States "'”“°'· as civilian employees employed with the said forces, and thelled Cross supplies that may be tendered asrafift and accepted for use in the sanitary service shall be transpo at the cost and charge of the United States. 4 Approved, April 24, 1912.

 Act Pr§ §r patents to homestmds on theoceded portion ?g*L¥;h{g3·]

' [Public, No. 11 Be it enacted t}•eS¢natea»rz¢lHouseof esentemivesqftlw United States of Amazon in Oongresa assembled im any person who, prior WM" '§*;¤ ¤¤¤• to December sixteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, made homestead Gomiuuation an- °'*°" °“.ih§.2°°°° ’é’.'.fl{"Z.§.i Z}? WM RiX°'hB°i'2§”bEI’“ i" Wil; mm? M mmgan nota o esame,an wo nunac secure water for the irrigation of the lands covered by his entry, may ‘ secure title to the same upon the submission of satkfactory proof that he has established and maintained actual bona ide residence upon his land for a period of not less than eight months and upon payment of V¤¤·¤.v·1¤- all sums remaining due on said land as provided for by the Act of March third, nineteen hundred and five. Approved, April 27, 1912. ' i._n¤.¤¤f_lff;g.%%?$‘a $.°;..t‘;‘Z°;%‘Q‘§€¤2‘;Z .?.°€.¥2“i.’°..i¤.°‘ “‘° "‘*2i‘§i.."& ”l‘,;‘E.iKi‘Z.3“..‘l [ m c,No.1M. Be it enacted by the Senate and House og Rrlegreaentatives of the United iYntates of Avgerieg in Ogngrese used , d a‘t0thebS11ccr(e·itarytgf tithe mgwxégcggmyavz te' t n'zed direc` te su `viein wom nom partglgcllil ofxeiieignegl annuhln payments on lands heretofore sold ,,"`,§:,,,§’·‘%,l';“},=°_§§ gud lenteiremdl ungeg thehAct enfitled ${1 Alot tpbogigi to zcttlemeilit xqgfn DUNN. ve un ‘an et usan acreso an m e owa mance v’1.u, .n gud Apactlge IDdl8DvRi82'V8l2l0DS the §tatedo£!?kl‘;ih`;>ma€_:‘i.lp§row;;s;d vt; M Z 6; s°,'tee dreda.nsix,an ecen1e‘ ·;; Alizltegilvjing giziereiice \?ght.s to settlers on the Pasture _Reserve wm P M num ered tlgoee to kpurézgiasp Iageéhlgased to them girl agrigultugrxl oma," a prove une wen - ie)i;r1h}i.(l1S6Sni1xiieteegi1Ii1<i1<i’red hix, and extendp the time of payment p · from the date on which each payment so divided becomes due under existing law: Provided, That one of the parts into which each deferred gfgbmnt annual payment is subdivided shall e lpaid annually thereafter untg the engigal imount due is paid, alnd t a;:Hnot ;gmT§np§1{ ~ arts t 1 annu : r a iiiltzeregt du; on sii’cl1iedeferred0pa€yii)1a;nts on the? date of thh passage and a proval of this Act shall he added to the principal, Become a art thereof and to ether with all deferred payments, bear interest p P 7 g » · • ment }z_t the gage of four per centum ipsa until tpagiilz Promdeg , t tent rs eo ti es assun aymen and interestiiaiieoplhid in fiill :P§c1id Igxmnktedfudlger, That full discretion °°'“““°"· is vested in the Secretary of the tenor to refuse an extension for . fraud of the purchasers under the above-named acts. Approved, April 27. 1912.