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92 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ons. 93, 94. 1912. mn!. .- ' 4 Pik• 0¤¤¤¢!» K¤¤¤¤¥Y· _ %5’¤¥·¥’i mm. i,’2.»,,.":‘42£‘1?..‘L.."‘°’»i F"&'§ .,‘}‘§i§°6“;¤¤°§‘§¤‘.°&. ‘° mans, it am] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _§‘g°,§,'Q‘;'*°* "* States {America in Oemgreoo assembled, That theconaent of Congress me cauiz. Ky., is here y grantedjor the heal court of Pike County, Kentucky to fim"' construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across Russell Fqrk 0 {Big Sand River, at a point suitable to the interests of mvggon, at or near in gfx; in ogtagenoi t wtucky, ix; vein, ae. 1-dan wi rovisionso e en " c regila D moconstrcgiction oftilgiidlgesdcgsr navigable waters, " approved arch t t · , nme un an six.

  • "°"°”°*— wS!:¤¥2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, April 27, 1912. meas . °“’_ s.“r.,:;s°;§:;“2.$a§‘..%:$.“e°&‘;%"“.se,m““°“see§°£s¤.H; me **1 ;%‘?‘.ms,”’“1*i?°?%°€é°’?.“.¤*l‘?.?.‘J‘“°a..“” ".;’:“"‘“°" ..s:.‘“..“‘°"":£°.‘.i‘.¤‘E.',‘?‘.;.“t·., arailwaydmughnid artHuachuca1ii1i1aryBe•erva•ien,aadf¤rotherpmpeses. Be·iteaae·£;dby the8enatea1udHmsse Representatives the United ,J;;"§'i“•§§{{,§§: States of Amerieain Paso ngrmm ofDR&1lI$)IdO0lxHg,I00g!8¢wl10l'gIh%dlDdQHSt!DQlHI$ um asumse and by virtue of ws of Territory and State of Arizona, he, §;*g,°;,;g::;hfmditishemby,empowemdwmwey¤idwhutemdwmtructa railway, telegraph, and line through Fort Huachuca Military Reservation, m the State o Arizona, upon auch a lme as may be deterwmh. an mmed and approved by the of War. Sec. 2. 'I`hat such mmion is authorized to take and use for all purposes of a railway, ph, and telephone lme, and for no other %‘.?’.2£’3z2 Hai; ?% °“.m° l‘““E?i l1’°§§l‘»'&'LT*?2k°.l"§’¤“fhu§.?'E £°" , n of land in said reservation two hundred feet in width, with a length all three thousand feet, in addition te_said right of way, for stations, $adt?n grounds,d:1d Hin? the bright to usefsuctl;1 other tional un when cu an ma nec - struction ag: maintenance of said roadbedgiot 0 0l(l; huhdrosd feet in width on each_side of said ryht of wayimor as much thereof as

  • ’?‘,_,,"fg{,¤_ N ,__ may_be included m sand cut or fill: rounded, t no part of the lands

herein authorized to be taken shall be used except in such manner and for such purposes as shall be necessary for theconstructnon, mamtenance, and convement operation of sard railway tel ph, and gelephone hp; andlthlel use and etngoynzgnt ol; gale iights artigrgrivileges erem n an w en an such ppgrraon shall revert to ytll): Ilgded 6St’:tes lrogimviliitghbshzomlliig

_"l,'}"§1¢cr‘Ll.},°°§i glgilulzh 6 *21:3111 fuf¢7wr,8]’l`hm” before thei said El Paso and

· wes Raxlroa m an ‘ 'tg part of said reservalionya dgscripgiglnulil mettgs°:d?irbu<?1?:d;1:>)i the lands herein authorized to be taken shalfbe approved by the "**"'”"‘“°'·°'°· Secretary of War: And provided further, That the said El Paso and So:;thw:tem' I§:uilroaddCompany, its successors and assigns shall co ru , mam , an to 'd il d I ' phone lines in accordancgpwith sguhdh rrzghvlzidhis ls: the Secretary of War may from time to time rescribe and shall construct and maintain such crossings, and shallp surface hud r are its tracks in_such manner, as may be required by the Secrctarriyegf War Legg; tlljile use of said reservation for maneuver;