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98 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sns._ H. Ch. 97. 1912. £Z‘°‘“°’ l°‘,_,..*"““a..g¤.}"'“"""" .;;‘3“°“J..“;27‘Q1°5ai;‘§”.%°m,.¤..““‘&°’1i.?.{ ~ VISS, ; °¤•*·*•••*~ of interpreters, and thecompenaation of drspatch agents at Ipudork NewYor·k,SanFraucisoo, andNewOrleans, aud ortravelmgan _i¤’·g¤gg_¤¤·•¤* miscellaneous expenses of embassies and leghatigns, and- for prrntms iritheDepartmentofState,audforlosson ofexchmgetoan from embassies aud legatrons, three hundred and fifty-five thousand ‘ ·n.nrs1·0u·ra:rro1¤ or urrwrnrro nm ooxsunn ornonrs m como mo nu; nnunxme mon umm rosrs. ""°"'•'”"!'°'· ·T the tolthetransportauon' fl ticand nsular oGoL¥·i;goin§°:oandreturninghumth;)irpa1<¥st;I:l:’r when tioaveling undertheerdersof theSecretaryosfState,attherateofiiyecerrts mils but not meludin§:ny expeme mcurred an connectron mth ` Eva olahsencqthirty ethouinand dollars. ‘ sjrnrruunon ron umass: ar ooxsranrmomaz. · "•¤ '¤**·""* ° of steam launch for use of embassy at Constantinople one l - eaght hundred dollars. "" mg · ’ _ 4 ‘ enomm umu- or mmassr ar muo, rum. ¤¤¤¤¤·¤··¤·v·¤ Annual und t fthoembessy t'l‘ .Iapan,t\they -·-· · m.£emL°ur,°nineeeenn¤mar'Za .‘I.'f?'Ztr.r...,sQ°§r¤¤e§’.4?? and dollars. · _ _ · ammar. xxnusns or cnn srfamm. morn-, conn or uonocoo. °'*°'¤“"""’£ Annual rtio ftheexpensesofila Sar·telandTangi Light on gglgoastnog Morocco, including Ildgs gy exchange, thrg lmndnd and twenty-five dollars. ‘ mmxeme umn: cs.umu.r.s. ‘;*,*-g*·¤• ¤¤¤• Actual expenses incurred in brmgmg' ‘ h m from foreign` tris - persons charged with crime, five thousand, dgllars. com nzeoume smrwnrzoxma nrmuoan snnnm. _“'•m,•**¤¢*••“· Expenses hih be' ed'th knl tofth services of mgstgrs Tryerew: veseez inorzsgzxexmericazi seamen or- crtrzens from shipwreck, four thousand five hrmdred dollars. nxrumszs mmm: ur; Nmmnm acr. .¤¤·¤····~=··¤¤·*· Tom tth expenses ttendaut th ‘ nk.;-'Y ¤¤c.¤1.1>~ 49- the neuzranlityeilxlziesloadb-`Z expended llmder the mdod elgettllrllatlgrlgestg dent, pursuant to the reégmrement of section two hundred and mnety-one of the Revised tatutes, five thousand dollars. ` zumezncrzs arusme m me ¤u·r.oua·nc arm consunan smzvrcz. ¤¤*<¤¤•¤¤==¤¤~ To b1thPr·'dtw unfreeee ‘ ·—~*·—..., ... er . .. n. ¤&§°.¤e“é.§€n.. 2...1 e°.§'i';‘i.'§°r'i.°§°2.$‘;‘.ir2¤‘ ‘ ando urtsrests of the United States, to be expended pursuant to r§u1rement of section two hundred and nine -one of the Revned tatutu, fifty thousand dollars, together with the unex-