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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. H. Ch. 102. 1912. 107 the preceding calendar year, had more than fifty thousand pmmds in stoc , at the ends of the fopr quarters of the preceding calendar ear, sh alll, under oatgxédm ake written reports of the amounts held by them, as erem rov1 . · Sec. 2. pThat the Director of the Census shall the types of gw t¤ M specitplkacco todybethincludéeldal in the reports uplf the holders hmereof, and II: s spec' e sev types se ara y in makmg' re orts. securing We by types, the Director of the Census slilill follow substanti y the classification of general types as and adopted by the Department of Agriculture. That the for of m“""•°°‘°* the Census shall prepare appropriate blanks upon which such re rts shall be made and s send a copy of same to any person subgect to make reports under this Act, not more than fifteen nor less than ten days prior to the first days of October and Alpril in each year, together wit;163 written or printed demand that su person make the report u . _Sec.1;llThat all persons subject to the provisions of this Act shall ¤*¤°*°"°¤¤*M· within ten days after the first day of October and Erst dag of April ‘ in each year, make written report to the Director of the Census the num er of pounds of each of the several typffs of leaf tobacco · owned by him as of the said dates, respectively. any such rson ?°”‘"" "' "'“°"‘ shall fa' to make said report within the time prescribed, he sEll be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not less than three hundred dollars or more than one thousand dollars. If any such person so liable to make such reports shall fail to make the same within the dates above specified, an thereafter the Director of the Census shall demand such report in writin§ which demand shall be forwarded by registered mail, then if suc person shall fail to make such report within twenty days after such demand so made, he shall also be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be imprisoned for not more than six months in the discretion of the court. The deplositingl of the notice by the Director 1°°“°'· of Census in any t office sha be h d to be prima facie evidence of the delivery ofxtlxe notice to the holder of tobacco, from which um date the period of twenty days shall begin to run. The president, °' general manager, or other chief officer o any corporation failing to make such reports as required by this Act shall be subject to the same penalties as are herein prescribed. Sec. 4. 'I`hat any person who shall make a false report to the gg;} *°' Director of the Census as to the types or amounts of tobacco held or owned b him shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shad be punished by imlprisonment for not.more than six months, in the discretion of the court. The president general 0¤¤¤¤¤•\·*·~ man er, or other officer of any corporation making such false report slxallage sub'ect to the same penalty as prescribed in this section. Sec. 5. That the word "person as used in this Act shall be held "P;¤¤¤¤" ¤¤¤· to embrace also any partnership, corporation, or association. _ ` Sec. 6. That the information furnished under the provisions of Nigi*¤'ui¤g,<j¤ ¤¤¢ ¤¤ Act shall be used only for the statistical QUTPOBBS for which it is supplied. No publication shall be made y the DlI6Ct0f· of the Census whereby the data furnished by any particular establishment can be identified, nor shall the Director of the Census permit anyone otgpr ship the sworn employees of the Census Office to examine the in `vi u re rts. Sec. 7. Thrift the Director of the Census shall have access to the m°‘§§f‘f,‘f§,l‘,,‘}_{ §§$§ records of the Commissioner of Intemal Revenue for.the purpose ¤¤¤• ¢»¤¢·i¤=· of obt ` the information herein required, and the Commissioner of Internal llevenue shall cooperate with the Director of the Census in effectuating the purposes and provisions of this Act.