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1].4 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. II. Ons. 123-125. 1912. of each claimant, the monthly rate of ayment granted to or received T°°"°‘°‘ by him, and the county and State ofpbis residence; and shall at the end of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen tabulate the record so ob by States and counties, and shall furnish certified °°¤*¤· copies thereof upon demand and the payment of such fee therefor as is provided by law for certified copies of records in the executive epartments. Approved, May 11, 1912. Ul U Ni? CHAP. .—— " ‘ ‘ ~‘ __ ii. nauicizi ¤.$%i‘2-?2,§‘,§’3.°“v;‘.i £.‘£.2§f.m"‘.““a.‘§ 3;°;.§£‘§.:’.{ &.‘£"‘“*‘ “‘ |P¥lbH8, 0. I Be iteruu:wdby theSenateandHo*useqfRe enmtiv theU·ited ur. °' °°l°”' State: of Arnerica in Congress assembled, Thaltrggection oeiieqiind segtion h_“°***"°“"'*"”‘¤' seven of the Act of entitled "A11 Act to regulate the height Volk'!. v- 46*2. gc bu%1 an tléiletD1st§;:t &<;fdC01l;i1nbia,L approved June first, nine- _ n an en, , t yare erey,amendedtoreadas follows: “"¤"' °‘ ”°"“'* "Snc·rroN 1. That from and after the date of a al f this A t @‘¤e¤blmdm°' N" no combustible or nonfregroof building in the Dlslihift ofoCo1umbi:a used or occupied or inten ed to be used or occupied as a dwellis , gzgnnzpgnmgptfhoum, tenement, lodging or boggding lieegiseh hospit , _ ry _ or any s purpose shall erec t ¤=¤·¤¤·¤¤>¤M¤. aisedt h htt thanf ‘ ’ 5gtyd’ ee 1- _ o Q. eig o more our stones, or more than cm -1:13; feet ;nblhi¢i£:tg aibzgebghe sidewalk, and nofcohongbustible or nonimproo s convertedtoanyo t usesaforesaidifit exceeds either of said limits of he' ht." °“" °‘ "'°“"'°' "SEc. 7. That for the uiiposes :1% this Act the h ht f buildi? lzfzihcdf. p. 454. shall be measured from the evel of the sidewalk 0 iigsiteothe mid e of the front of the building to the highest point elf the roof. If the building has more one front, the height shall be measured from Pm I the elevation of the sidewalk opposite the middle of the front that mumyémfdgwegg will perm1t_of the greater heig t. No arapet walls shall extend i¤¤Nl¤’¤=¤¤L above Eheahmnt gilheighs expepthon nongreproof dwellings where a arapeyv or ustraeoa 'htnt ding' f ftwill sbgispgrrpitted above the hmit of hgight of) biiglififig peru(iii;rte<lGimdcr c . Approved, May 20, 1912.

 .i§‘%f€4;§.;;,‘t%$i$E§..2.‘$.§*‘f.‘.§?飰.?a‘;‘;‘°,§“..';',.‘;2.‘?‘°‘*°"““*""° °°“">’“·“·°

It h 4 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentaf th U ized m§‘?§;¤:&?§1:£;igé; States of America in_ Congress assembled, Thht the Sieecgrgaxjyi of" the ,,,_ Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered to convey by quitlcjaimlpced, tg fthe city of Corsicana, Texas for the purposé oapuicac,an orno th ,a1lh,` ` of the GMM Stat. $?fi‘i.£E‘§l£"£f.°.¤d ti 2 §l$i}$’O$‘iL€;d“§i‘—i the reiir of the Federal buixlipg zito in said city of sufficient width to 0vi< e, in connection wit d' , _ ,, g'pZ°$°¤;; nity, ¥’r0mdeg1, That the city of Corsaiiiang. shasi.:llHhti>gri(»gii.‘iil)’nH'e§r8hlntil)(iitiigiiggé Snug maipzain Sie same as other public alleys of said city are improycd mam ain . Approved, May 20, 1912.