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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 123. 1912. 113 per month. In case such person has reached the a e of seventy MW- years and served mnety days, eighteen dollars per month; six months, nineteen dollars per month; one (year, twenty dollars per month; one and a half years, twenty-one ollars and fifty cents per month; two years, twenty-three dollars per month; two and a half years, twenty-four dollars ger month; three years or over, twenty-five dollars per month. n case such person has reached the age of A¢75· seventy-five years and served mneay days, twenty-one dollars per month; six months, twenty-two dollars and fifty cents r month; one year, twenty-four dollars per month; one and a lfhlf years, twenty-seven dollars per month; two years or over, thirty dollars per month. That any person who served in the military or naval service mmm: pemmenc of the United States during the Civil War and received an honorable i}'{§”§§°°'° discharge, and who was wounded in battle or in line of duty and is now unfit for manual labor by reason thereof, or who from disease or other causes incurred in line of duty resulting in his disability is now unable to pprform manual labor, shall be paid the maximum pensign upder It ig Act, to wit, thirty dollars per month, without revar to engt o service or age. ?I`hat any person who has served sixty da or more in the military ,°g¤¤¢¤¤ W•= wwor naval service of the United States in th; War with Mexico and am. has been honorably discharged therefrom, shall, upon makin like proof of slpch service, be entitled to receive a pension of thirty dillars er mont . P All of the aforesaid pensions shall commence from the date of <>¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤e¤¤. filing of the applications in the Bureau of Pensions after the passage and approval of this Act: Prmrkkd, That pensioners who are sixty- _ two years of age or over, and who are now receiving pensions under ey.ppiiE5¤'Z,$”°°°” existing laws or whose claims are pending in the Bureau of Pensions, may, by application to the Commissioner of Pensions, in such form as he may prescribe, receive the benefits of this Act; and nothing herein contained shall prevent any pensioner or person entitled to a pension from prosecuting his claim and receiving a pension under any other general or special Act: Provided, That no person shall No ¢¤¤b¤· v¢¤¤i¤¤· receive a pension under any other law at the same t1IIlB. or for the same riod that he is receiving a pension under the proyxsions of this Act: Biwvided further, That no person who is now receiving or shall Wrégfcuiigmvgigf hg hereafter receive a greater pension, under any other general or special me. g law than he would be entitled to receive under the provisions herein shall be pensionable under this Act. _ _ _ Sec. Thlat ranlg in the service shall not be considered in appli- ngnk ¤<>= ·~<•¤»¤<¤- cations ed ereun er. ' Sec. 3. That no pension attomey, claim agent, or other person lismrg zervlgnéis shall be entitled to receive any compensation for services rendered ¤o¤•xm¤sg1i»li1 pen. in presentin an claim to the Bureau of Pensions, or securing any ¤‘°“· 'on, under this Act, except in applications for origmal pension by persons who have not heretofore received a pension. Sec. 4. That the benefits of this Act shall include any person who dsgpivuern inserved during the late Civil WVar, or in the War with Mexico, and who is now or may hereafter become entitled to pension under the Acts V¤1·¤F~v- 18*2- of June twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety, February Vol. 28, p. wv. fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and the joint resolutions Vol.S2. v- 750 of July first, nineteen hundred and two, and June twenty-eighth, V¤1.M.i>·K¤- nineteen hundred and six, or the Acts of January twenty-ninth, V¤1-24. P—m· eightecn hundred and eighty-seven, March third, eighteen undred Vvl-26-1»¤m· and niuety-one, and February seventeenth, eighteen hundred and V¤l.=¤.p.¤¥>· ninetv·seven. i _ Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Pensions, °i wd Om as each application for pension under this Act is adjudicated, to '°"·P"°‘°‘ cause to be kept a recerd showing the name and length of service