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112 SIXTY-sncorn couennss. sms. 11. cm. 121-123. mz. - ‘ djlms the 'I&-eas f th U 'ted States and shall bear R£°°h°i”°‘ ind Li t theate of five ugcldntuxix pdl} annum, brit m the event of aeeeaeumannn. mteres a . - · th d th of an such In an while there remains in the Treasury to ’ higcriidit any of the sum stpodéaposited susxpcslpall be ',hhall etermin y_e rearyo ltntheicsrtihaddcoidrincz xiilah the laws of descent m force in the State the action of the Secret of the Interior in detercf Nebmlikalellgldli he` f y deceased as provided herein minm' g t irs o an , » shall in allorespects be conclusive and final. _ _ _ Arm¤rr1•¤¤¤ Sec. 4. That for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act there is hereby appro riated, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise appropriated the sum of three thousand dollars, or so mimnumue. much thereof as may be riecessar , to be reimbmsable out of the funds arising from the sale of said lands. · Approved, May 11, 1912. i gghp - ‘ 'liimso dP dCreekRailromCo ·

 to doii§:·hct4:li1?itdl§::irti:1s¢;ntZliefh1ll11`gvll`mk ofntiig BigmSandy River at or ng!

[P¤h\ie,'No.1§|.] Mingo County, West `Vugmia. B it enacted the Senate and House q'Re eeentatives of the United sayg °‘ °"Stat:s o A1ner?ai·in Congress assembled, ight the Williamson and hvxlgggigsl $1 Pond Cfreek Railroad Compjany, a corporation organized under tghe cu., _ ymvaoge, laws of the State of Kentuc , 1ts successors and assigns, be, and _ ey "mE=:°°“· ·""· are hereby, authorized to construct maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the Tug Fork of Big Sand%v§1ver at a int suitable to the interests of navigation or near ilhamson, gage County West Virginia, where the said_ Tug Fork forms the bonmdary line between the States of West V1 a and Kentucky, m v°l· “· ’· “· accordance with the revisions of the Act entitled "An Act to re§1late the construction of lilridges over navigable waters," approved arch twenty-third, mneteen hundred and six. _ _

    • ¤°¤°¤°'*'~ Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, May 11, 1912. . _ ,.. ' ulisted i, ld' , and

 ¤¤§E£€h§€?m&"21$€§e‘l*?€5"l$¤”°»‘L°5°°t§¤?vEf’$3."£ i4»¤1¢e..m°° '° ‘°" O

Be it enactedfry the Senate and House of Representatwes of the United Pensions. . States of Amencu. en Congress assembled, That any person who served mciziiiifdwiiii itixgs ninety days or more in the military or naval service of the United gz'; **2 ¥”“” °l °' States during the late Civil War, who has been honorably discharged ` therefrom, and who has reached the age of sixty-two years or over, shall, upon making proof of such facts, according to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may provide, be placed Se tm plpon the pinsion mpi and bp eéippgled to peceive a pension asgollows

  • i§°°¤ 8* case suc person nas reac ic e ave o sixty-two years an server

M6" ninetgfdays, thirteen dollars per moncth; six months, thirteen dollars and cents per month; one (year, fourteen dollars per month; one an a half years, fourteen ollars and fifty cents per month; two years, fifteen dollars per month; two and a half years, fiftecn Mm dollars api! HH; cents perhmonth; tlgree year; or over, sixteen dollars per mon . case suc person as reac ed the a e of t *—. ix Enars aiéduserved teighty days, fifteen d<;l}lars per month; six Siiicoiitins, teen dollars an ty cents per mon ; ono ear sixtc d ll per izioivpth; one and a hplf ygailp, sixteen dotllllarg and fiftygdientg. 3; mon ; wo ears, seven een o ais per mon ;tx o and a alf , eighteen dollars per month; three years or ovei, nineteen diillaaiiis