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120 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Gus. 144-146. 1912Y gkqga 1t:4.—¢:iA¢;t To ueatefa of the sputhern jugs! ' 8 0 I [ruwe, ne. 171.] for nd court, 1::1 for uga purposes. _ · “¤“°“““'°°“’°'· Be it enactedby the Sev•atem•dH`maeqf qf¢he United "“"'°“"‘°"“¥*“‘»S’tateso America' Cbngressaaeembled ttheoountiesofBee,

 .¤;.i.:·,séx,.,I·-··.i1?”`S·~   Haier we warm

voraaaim, y constitu a ivisiono esou ernju" ’tri '*"*°““*°"· of Texas. . r sc 0¤11>¤ Sec. 2. Thatterms of the district court of the United States for mg'. the said southern district of Texas shall be held twize in each year at the eigtpf Corpus Christi, in Nueces Countgkgnd that, until otherwise U provi `by law, the judge of said court s fix the times at which said court shall be held at Corpus Christi, of which he shall make publication and give due notice. · _ · _ Approved, May 29, 1912. 'ri’¤?=%i·*i ce$”F.?’¤;£.$°e‘.;£.*,“»¤.¤¤i“* *"°,'§§“1‘.F.r.’°’ “‘°°°“"t'1°3.‘L?‘».¤‘”‘* ‘*“;,¤?"“i‘i”°°.2’¥¤.r";2 1.-——.;. VQ [Public, ae. ur.] Leah, Mhuuri. ‘ . ' Be itenadedbytI»eSe1vateand HouseofRe esentativeao the U `ted sms l?¤il'"°fi•y Stata of in aaeembled, Thaltr the city of {aint

°‘°·"“"° a   gorpgrataoxghorganiug undegm the laws of   State $5

Missounisereyauonzed cons ct,ownmamtam', oplerspzhdn intake tow§ri:nd condugt therefor chg I1 o e 1 er a cn Samt Louis northern limits thegeof, to be us.; in ctgnllection with tlnemwatlzlirlorks mm of said city: Provided That the location and plans of said intake _ ¤~$Ef_:Y;Lrw tower and condmt shall be mbkm to the approval of the Secretary

ii.;.,¤.¤.¤.4 navi- of Wir: _And jurtltuelr, at;) the navigation of the said river

"· e m no wa o true y. ~=¤¤¤<1¤=·=¤¢~ SE;8l2. That is right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expr y reserv . , Y Approved, May 29, 1912. J¤¤¤*·1¤12- CRAP. 148,-An Act To extend the time for the completion of dams acres; the [8. 3.] · - · · '—"]r>¤b1xc,N¤. 178.] .'{,?,...,°‘””"N r$%¥§L}°’£w1?.‘§?¥.‘il’e‘T?.'h‘Z°ee‘3t?.l'¤“}¤.i"I£4$ °°""’“" bf "" *°‘ Be 12 enacted by the Senate and House Repreamtatives of the United Savannah mw. Smeg o America in Congress aaae1nbled?Zl'h t th t f Co

Ei:n°·i·•:i: isherehg granted for the extension of the timeealzlzyzd £ them

-3:-rddw, ,,}’°°§Q Oltg1Pp;;rgJemp¤Xytwfc%_¤¤§;mct dams acrom iilhe Savannah River} · au on y_anco oru twent-`t `teehdre and eight, until three years fromntze date tll1¢$l1§1n` `nal llrdt for _ its completion, to w1t, February twenty-ninth, nineteen undred and §g’;`°;‘gm,m my sixteen: Provnded, That under the approval of the Secretary of War we <¢¤¤=- upon plans and specifications to be submitted, the said corporation §cg;;:?)fo(pg;o3a¢Le;§1?1;;&tgfcpvpgemplated water power by the con— Amendment Sm. That tlée right to amend, alter, or repeal this Act is hereby express y reserve . Approved, June 3, 1912.