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122 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. S3. II. Cm. 150, 151. 1912. J¤¤• 4. 1911 CHAP. 150.-A.n Act For the relief of scientific institutionsor colleges of learnin

   violated ¤ecti3 ;two léundred a·¤:lixm;ety-eeven andhtggtuyzlwo hundred

(Pubns, No. 1'll] ninstyaeven a tatutes t regulations er. Bea? enacted by theSenateandHcuseo Rc mtatlivesoflhe United

 States o{ America in Gongrese assembled, Tglilaathe Commissioner of

}_§‘}°§,g{ ,‘;*f}_‘”_,‘;_': Inte Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤v¤~¤- is authorized on appeal to lum made to abate, remit, and refund all taxes or asgssments for taxes the l1ab1l1ty for which is asserted against R B we m P mo $1y§c;ent1%¢5I;ust1t}1tion an pcllege og learmng onrdaccount oh may ·y coowit wn_rom_n reeotaxinaccoancewitte W m' P 4* of secuons tlurty-two· hundred and ninety-seven and thirty-two eandtgnetgo-seven aiiBe‘%se;l Statgteségallnd not _ used as au o _ y e a ve-men on swan r ations §’§'{{,“{,,m,,, M thereunder: Provided, That no assessment made of tax im d ¤:<1 ¤¤>¤v¤¤e<;~° N shall be abated or refxmded as to any alcohol sowithdrawn and used

  • ‘*·*'*'·······*··*· $3i.‘?.¤$&’t€3.¥‘§;°?r°§é.£$b’;"&¤":§‘%'..fiZ.‘€£4..".£¥°§.:“(;:..P"..“j°...“"°““

· oner of Internal Revenue one year from the date of the approval of this Act, and no habilgly mcurred on or after March first, mneteen hundred and twelve, sh be relieved aga1nsf hereunder. ' A ed J pprov , une 4, 1912. · ¤i·~""¤?~‘¤·i’¤’¤ ...$5’*..E;..i2zi.i."¤‘i£3.£’l§?.£‘L.“3¤“""l,.·"?‘“;·...”§“:.?·.¤'i°S..°“‘».“‘“.‘?;¤t¤“$‘:·..¤..““*.. Public. Na 111.] or color of title by individuals or private ownership or municipal owmriqh situated mt.he8tateofAlabamawh1ehwerereserved rehined onatapart.toorf¢¤·\heGreek Tribeorlllationoilndianaunderorbyvirtinlaoftlietivea entsredintobetweenthe United States of America and the Creek Tdbe or Nathan dylnrlians on Unch twenty- fourth, hundred and thirty-two, and under and by virtue of the treaty %>he§w.i•§nmd8]}l;i;tXdugE:»lt;:;mei;ft;Aé¤;efimmd d·:1€rsekTribeorNationof1ndianscf Be·it enactedbyt7aeSeina¢candHmueo Re camtati theUiled gggglghmmt of States of America in Oorggsa Tgit the Stat; of xggecrcgzsgtgého america hereby forever r aauxshes, releases and quitclaims all right, v.,,_ 7_ ,,_ m title, and interest m and to the lands uow held under claim or color of title by mdividual or private ownership or municipal ownership and situagg m ;he gag>roflf1Tsg>tama v§h1ch were reserved, retained, or set apar or or e ee e or ation of Indians b members thereof, under and by virtue of the trestieasngnltldrlgd tiling; bieliwgcn the {3111ted 0; imeruza the greek Tribe or Nation o n ianson_ enm a o ugus eig teen undedandf t v°'· '· ""“· and at Washington on the twenty-iourth day of hfarch, glghifdii hundred and tlurty-two, bfy which all the lands of said Creek Tribe or. gsm of Iéisdiangnenst o the llwiississilipi River were ceded to the m a q enca,aswe asall ds `t d' . of Alabama which may have been sold b mthe ll)r:il.eld&S‘ta£; blielfriilzig 1ca or under the authonzlof the same gr the benefit of or in behalf of any Creek Indian or _ diana, whether the conditions or reservagzxgsxezhzerf c<Lm]:;l;edUwith or not, and whether or not patents have not been iegogd y de tpited States; and 11:1 cases where patents of th., General nllh Bhfé M13 %?Z“éZZ.$‘f.$.’s°?“‘“’ th? {E.‘21"‘“““S‘°“°’ oner ‘ slgglllecguie tto be rtnsde uponhthe records of their gespectilge . ,;-0 r oanonsreemngotig t dl h · · ..£¥S.i¤mi mm g;1at nothing eoitaincdafn Eihlis cg? 51;.116 iigszbnsltixddeg; of Said Crceporgeizeagy O? §la1r£1,_0rt1ge_, if any, Hhich any Indian _ · , er err or exrs, may ave in or to an ¤.§'§lLsd§§¤§°'§i,,§i Of,'l`l‘l1<;1tl¥?¤r;>iil¤§€¤t of il1lS Act is hereby declared to be to concede snbl dorm. abandon all right, title and interest of the United States to thos(e.